UNIFORM GROUP sells all compulsory items of our Dio school uniform and is independent from Waikato Diocesan School.

UNIFORM GROUP offers a Click and Collect’ online Webshop at; https://wdshop.uniformgroup.co.nz. You will be able to register, order and pay online and then collect from the onsite shop during opening hours.

The UNIFORM GROUP onsite shop is located in the Sunshine Room next to the Astroturf at Dio's  Martin Street entrance, and is open to parents during the following term time hours.

Hours are subject to change. The shop will be closed on public holidays and staff only days.

Uniform Shop Hours

Please note:  UNIFORM GROUP is independent of the school so any monies paid directly to a school account held for your student/s cannot be accessed by UNIFORM GROUP.

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Waikato Diocesan Dress Code Requirements

Our school has the expectation that all students maintain a high standard of appearance both within the school and in public. Full and correct school uniform must be worn at all times both within and outside the school grounds. All items of clothing must be in good repair, clearly named and freshly laundered. Worn or untidy items of uniform must be replaced. All uniform items must be regulation and can be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

Going to and from School

All students must wear the school blazer with both summer and winter uniform, to and from school, on school trips, to chapel and assemblies and other formal school functions throughout the year. During hot afternoons in February and March, students are excused from wearing their blazers home from school.

Students leaving sports practices or sports fixtures to travel home must be wearing the sports all-weather tracksuit or full day uniform.


Hair must be kept off the face. Hair that reaches the collar must be tied back using a regulation black, dark brown, navy, white or red hair tie. Regulation black, dark brown, navy, white or red hair bands or clips may be worn to keep hair off the face.  Ribbons, if worn, must be navy or red. 

Hair colour is expected to be within the range of natural hair colours, and extreme styles are prohibited. Hairstyles for special occasions need prior permission from the Principal after a written application.

Make-up and Nail Polish                                                                                                         

Students will be asked to remove any excessive or obvious make-up. Coloured nail polish is not permitted. Clear polish is deemed acceptable.


Each student may wear a wristwatch and a pair of small round stud earrings (not sleepers), one in the lower lobe of each ear. Bangles or rings are NOT permitted—(items which have become too small to remove need to be cut off). If a student chooses to breach the rules and wear incorrect jewellery, the item/s may be confiscated. These items can be collected from Student Services at the end of the day. Continual breaches will result in a referral to the year-level dean.

Students may wear items of special cultural or spiritual significance around their neck (e.g. bone or pounamu taonga or gold/silver cross). If you are in doubt about the appropriateness of your item, please check with the HoD Religious Education or HoD Kaupapa Maori (Pouako Maori). Where these items are deemed a potential hazard, they must be removed e.g. PE, sport, etc. The school is not responsible for the security or loss of these items.

Visible Body Piercing

Nose, tongue, eyebrow or lip studs must not be worn unless they are clear plastic studs. 

Skirt Length

Skirt length must ideally be adjusted to sit on the knee (i.e. when the student kneels on the ground, the skirt hem is brushing the floor). Given the difference in body sizes/ shapes, in some cases, the skirt may sit up to 2cm above the knee.


Both summer and winter shoes/sandals must be clean, well-polished, and in good repair. Please note that in some specialist classrooms, such as Science, closed-in winter shoes are compulsory to meet national health and safety guidelines.

Summer Sandals

Regulation black sandals must be worn by all Years 9 to 13 students. These are available from Collins Footwear in Hamilton East. The back straps of sandals are to be worn in the correct place near the ankle and should not be trodden down or cut off.

Winter Shoes

Regulation plain black leather lace-up shoes – maximum 40mm heel - must be worn with regulation tights by all Years 9 to 13 students. Regulation winter shoes are available from Collins Footwear in Hamilton East.

Regulation Tights

Regulation tights or stockings must be worn with winter uniform and are to be ladder free.
Tights or stockings with ladders or holes are unacceptable and must be replaced.

Please note: that knee-high stockings/tights are not permitted.

The Winter Shirt

The winter shirt is to be worn out over the skirt. Top buttons and cuff buttons must be fastened at all times. Shirts must be kept freshly laundered, neatly ironed, and clearly white where applicable.

The Summer Shirt

The shirt is to be worn out over the summer skirt. The collar is designed to sit over the top of the blazer lapel; the top two buttons are to be left undone. If wearing a jersey, the bottom of the shirt must not be visible. Shirts must be kept freshly laundered and neatly ironed.

The Tie

The wider part of the tie should be longer than the thinner section of the tie. When tied correctly, the tie's bottom part falls to the school shirt's bottom two buttons.

The School Jersey

It must be long enough to cover the school shirt. Jerseys must be kept clean and in good repair. Jerseys with tattered sleeves or holes must be replaced.


Scarves are not to be worn inside the classroom. This includes gatherings for assembly, chapel or in the dining room.

Physical Education Lessons

Students must wear the correct regulation P.E. uniform for all P.E. lessons.


All students who are competitive school sports team members must purchase a school tracksuit.


Only school-related badges may be worn on blazers. Badges are worn on the lapel of the school blazer. All students must wear the school badge. All students also wear a House badge. Other badges earned in connection with school activities may be worn once officially awarded at a school assembly/awards ceremony. Badges related to charities the school supports may be worn as a demonstration of support during the allocated theme weeks. Student Council badges may only be worn the year the student serves on the council.

Uniform Issues

If your uniform is incorrect for some unavoidable reason, you must bring a note of explanation and go straight to your Dean by 8.30 am on the morning of the issue.  Your Dean may issue an exemption slip if the explanation is valid. You must carry this permission slip with you during the day.

Please note: Reception in the Homestead can assist students with items of uniform in emergency
situations and also has a selection of regulation school shoes that students may borrow for a short

Uniform Changeover Dates

  • Winter uniform: Worn in Terms Two and Three.

  • Summer uniform: Worn in Terms One and Four