Veritate, Simplicitate, Fidelitate –
By Truthfulness, By Straightforwardness, By Loyalty

Our special character as an Anglican girls’ boarding school, underpins and informs everything that we do. Our Christian values are the clay from which the character of our students will be moulded and it is also the canvas upon which our wahine will paint their destiny. While literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, and problem-solving are important in preparing students for their future careers, it is their social, emotional, and spiritual development that will prepare them for a happy life to be lived well.

Dio students are fortunate to belong to a faith-based school where our educational framework is underpinned by central Christian concepts of hope and forgiveness in a world too often marred by conflict, suffering, and selfishness. These lessons of hope and forgiveness are not restricted to the Chapel but also play out in the classroom, on the sports field and the stage, in restorative conferences, in selfless acts of community service, and in our celebration of diversity. 

Academic excellence, success in arts and sports, the home away from home boarding experience – all these different reasons that parents select our school for their daughters - are inextricably linked to our special character because our faith shapes our practice and informs our appreciation of each unique individual and our desire for her to achieve to her fullest potential.

To view our Statement of Special Character, please click here or see the links below for examples of our Special Character in action.