Term 4 starts Monday 17 October

Parents and caregivers are ultimately responsible for getting their children to and from school each day. However, the Ministry of Education acknowledges that some parents and caregivers face issues of distance and lack of public transport. For this reason, the Ministry offers School Transport Assistance (a school bus place and/or an allowance) to help these parents and caregivers get their children to and from school. 

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Please contact Student Services or the Bus Companies direct (details found on the relevant bus route link) if you have any questions.

Possible Bus Disruptions due to Covid-19

The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is likely to have a significant impact on our communities over the coming months.
One of the groups that will be affected is our school transport drivers. It is highly likely that some school transport services will need to be cancelled at very short notice due to drivers being unavailable (either by having contracted Covid-19 or by being a close contact of a Covid-19 positive person) and it is unlikely that there will be replacement drivers readily available.
In the event that a driver is identified as a Covid-19 positive case, the transport provider and school will work with the Ministry of Health on the appropriate next steps, including whether the students on that bus need to self-isolate.
Preparing for disruption
It is important that, as parents/caregivers, you are prepared for the possibility that school transport services are cancelled at some point over the next few months. Please ensure that you have a backup plan for transporting your daughters to and from school in the event of their school transport not operating.
What happens when a school transport service is cancelled?
The transport service provider has been instructed to let the school know as early as they can if a service is going to be cancelled. They have also been instructed to let the school know the duration that they expect the service to be cancelled. We will then pass on this information to affected students and caregivers as soon as possible.
We are very aware of the important role school transport plays in our communities, and in support of our rural economies. The cancellation of any school transport service is something that our transport providers try very hard to avoid. However, the health and safety of students, drivers and communities are of paramount importance.
Thank you for your assistance in getting prepared for the potential disruption in your school transport services.