School-to-School International Exchange Programme

At Waikato Diocesan School, we value international education opportunities and we encourage our students to embrace the chance to experience living and learning in different countries. Such experiences serve to develop the individual and foster an environment of understanding and tolerance in a global society.      

By building relationships between ‘sister’ schools across the world, Waikato Diocesan School can ensure that our students are able to build on the values and academic rigour of our own school, while also enjoying many new experiences. Sustained relationships with ‘sister’ schools build a sense of tradition as our students become increasingly familiar with what each exchange school is like.

Hosting exchange students at Waikato Diocesan School adds an international dimension to classes, sports and cultural teams, peer groups and families. Life-long friends are made, and a greater sense of cultural understanding and appreciation is developed.

Student exchanges are a major commitment and responsibility. The school must ensure that systems and structures are sound, and that the exchange school is satisfactory in terms of safety, shared values and availability of opportunities. The school and its teachers must also be willing to accept students from other cultures and/or languages into classes and provide them with the best exchange experience possible. For families the commitment is financial, and the responsibility is to ensure that both their daughter and their exchange ‘sister’ meet the expectations of the exchange. The girls on exchange also have commitments and responsibilities, all of which are made explicit in the exchange documentation.

A Dio girl wanting to go on exchange is:

  • Mature and sensible – she is able to keep herself safe in a new environment
  • Adaptable and willing to accept challenging new situations
  • Interested in new cultures, food, people, languages, schooling, lifestyles and environment
  • Polite, friendly and outgoing – able to mix with new peers and adults
  • Quick to learn – will pick up new school routines and academic courses
  • Resilient, with a good sense of humour
  • Willing to share her own home, family and school with an exchange ‘sister’
  • Willing to have a go – to try new things and get involved
  • A good communicator – can introduce herself to a new family, teachers and friends – and can maintain communication with home
  • Good at public speaking – she can speak in assembly to her guest school, as well as report back at Dio about her time away
  • A goal setter – she knows what she wants to achieve from an overseas exchange
  • Able to catch up on any school work that is missed while away on exchange, and to do what it takes to fit back into Dio life on return
  • Proud of her school, family and country – a good ambassador for us all.

Exchange Programmes

For specific information and application forms, please click on the Exchange you are interested in applying for.

The Dio co-ordinator for school exchanges is Claire Foot.  Please feel free to contact her with any queries regarding the exchange programme

Year 10 Exchange Programme

Dio to Roseville: Term 3 2023, 17 July to 19 August    Roseville to Dio: Term 3 2023, 20 August to 23 September

Dio to Downe House: Term 4 2023 15 November to 14 December                                                                                                    Downe House to Dio: Term 1 2024 20 March to 15 April

Dio to Trafalgar: Term 4 2023 28 October to 17 December      Trafalgar to Dio: Term 1 2024 February to March

Dio to Crofton: Term 4 2023, 28 September to 17 November                                                                                                      Crofton to Dio: Term 1 2024, 2 February to 21 March

Information and Expressions of Interest Form

Year 11 Exchange Programme