Waikato Diocesan School has a fine reputation for its excellence in sports. A wide range of individual and team sports allows every student to find an activity she enjoys and to be physically fit. We cater for all students regardless of age, ability or aptitude. In fact, on most weekends throughout the year, Waikato Diocesan has a 78% participation rate in team sports across all codes in 2022.

  • We have a range of sports codes available, from netball, hockey, football, lacrosse and basketball to rowing, equestrian, cycling, tennis, cricket and water polo.

  • Top facilities (including a school fitness centre) and expert teachers and coaches help our students to discover their interests and nurture their talents across all levels.

  • Many of our students have gone on to represent their city, region and country in their chosen sporting codes.

What Our Former Students Say

Waikato Diocesan Sports Department


To achieve excellence in sport and physical activities within a caring and rewarding atmosphere at all levels.


Preparing confident, resourceful and resilient young women to lead healthier and active lifestyles.

  • To identify, develop and support gifted, talented and elite sportswomen at WDSG.

  • To develop among all students a passion for participating in and giving their best in sports at WDSG.

  • In striving for excellence in the sporting arena, we will aim to produce athletes of the highest quality and develop other qualities in our sportswomen, such as courage, empathy, integrity, tolerance and respect.

  • To strategically develop a sporting plan to compete successfully and win Waikato, North Island and NZ titles.

Sports Registration at Waikato Diocesan

We use Enrolmy to help make registrations quick and simple, so registering for a sport is only a few clicks away.

To browse the many sports on offer, have a read through our Co-Curricular Guide below, or to register for a code, simply click on the link below to our sports sign-up website, select the sport and away you go.  If you are registering for multiple sports, please complete one sports registration at a time.

Contacts (Sports)


IIse Rhynes                                                                                                    Email: sports@wdsg.school.nz
Phone: 07 8552038 ext 2705
Mobile: 021 521 503


Anna White
Email: annawhite@wdsg.school.nz
Phone: 07 855 2038 ext 2704


Beth McAvoy
Email: bmcavoy@wdsg.school.nz
Phone: 07 855 2038 ext 2704


Sonya Noble
Email: snoble@wdsg.school.nz
Phone: 07 855 2308 ext 2704


Gabrielle Peach                                                                                          Email: gpeach@wdsg.school.nz                                                  Phone: 07 855 2038 ext 2707


Who can be a member?

Individual membership is open to all current Waikato Diocesan students and staff.

How do I become a member?

Any students or staff wanting to use the Fitness Centre as an individual during opening hours will need to become a DioFit member. Becoming a member involves completing the Enrolmy application form, the cost of the DioFit membership being charged to your account and the completion of an induction session.

How much does a Dio Fit Membership cost?

  • Full Year: $175.00

  • Price Per Term: $55.00

Dio Fit Rules

  1. All members need to sign in and out.

  2. All members must have a sweat towel to enter the gym (DioFit towel free with membership).

  3. All new members are required to attend an induction session with the DioFit Instructor.

  4. All members must wear appropriate footwear at all times.

Opening Hours

  • Monday: 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm

  • Tuesday: 6.30 am - 8.00 am & 3.30 - 5.30 pm

  • Wednesday: 2.30 pm - 5.30 pm

  • Thursday: 6.30 am - 8.00 am & 3.30 pm - 5.30 pm

  • Friday: CLOSED

Membership Form 

To sign-up to Dio Fit please click on the link to the EnrolMy site

DioFit Coordinator

Gabrielle Peach

Waikato Diocesan Sportswoman of the Year

2000: Kate Mahon and Juliet Matthews2001: Katie Mahon2002: Tessa Hickson
2004: Ashleigh Stone2005: Debbie Bell and Lucy Thompson2006: Sian Walker
2007: Maddy Brunton2008: Maddy Brunton2009: Julia Ratcliffe
2010: Natalie Dodd2011: Holly Patterson2012: Ellie McCleery
2013: Tarryn Davey2014: Isabella Coombes2015: Anahera Nin
2016: Hannah Knighton2017: Hannah Knighton2018: McKenzie Milne
2019: Gina McCarthy2020: not awarded2021: not awarded
2022: Alex Endres

Waikato Diocesan Leavers Cup

2000: Katie Burns2001: Kate Mahon2002: Victoria Glossop
2003: Rebekah Gee and Amanda Hines2004: Larisa Marsh2005: Lucy Thompson
2006: Rachel Smith2007: Carla Johl2008: Sarah McLaughlin
2009: Isobel Dingwall2010: Kate McLaughlin2011: Holly Patterson
2012: Alia Jaques2013: Codie Taute2014: Victoria Wilson
2015: Isabella Coombes2016: Phoebe Clewlow-Gibson2017: Hannah Knighton
2018: Emily Irvine2019: Holly Mills2020: Lucy Farrell
2021: Sophie Holten & Hannah Morgan2022: Amelia de Lautour

Waikato Diocesan Team of the Year

2002: U17 Coxed 8 Rowing Crew2003: U16 Elite Basketball2004: U16 Coxed 4 Rowing Crew
2005: U16 Coxed 8 Rowing Crew2006: 1st XI Hockey2007: Senior A Squash and 1st XI Hockey
2008: Senior A Squash2009: U18 Coxed 8 Rowing Crew2010: Senior Time Trial Cycling Team
2011: U18 Coxed 8 Rowing Crew2012: U19 Triathlon Team2013: 4x400m Relay Team
2014: U18 Coxed 8 Rowing Crew2015: Senior Duathlon Team2016: U16 Time Trial Cycling Team
2017: Open A Netball2018: U17 Coxed 8 Rowing Crew2019: U18 Rowing Pair
2020: not awarded2021: U18 4 Coxed Rowing Crew2022: U16 Coxed 4 Rowing Crew