Arts and culture are integral parts of school life. Whether performing or producing art for public performances or exhibitions or simply for personal fulfilment and enjoyment, we believe creativity is vital to education.

  • Visits to art exhibitions, galleries and theatre performances – as well as hosting performance groups in the school – ensure that students have broad exposure to the arts. On-stage or backstage, there is an arts and culture experience for everyone.

  • Students can express themselves in music and drama – from Shakespearian productions to barbershop and rock bands.

  • Kapa Haka is an essential part of the school culture and arts programme, and Waikato Diocesan is committed to mutual enrichment and tangata whenua (people of the land), offering cultural assistance and opportunities for our Maaori students.

  • School productions highlight the arts calendar, and music, speech and drama lessons are available to all students.

  • Involvement in the creative and expressive arts, both in the classroom and through the wealth of extracurricular opportunities we provide, helps to boost students’ confidence and self-esteem and is a key element of the special Dio spirit.

2024 School Production The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!

Our school production for 2024 is the well-loved childhood classic The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe!  We're excited to bring this magical musical to life in the wise words of the lion Aslan, "You have returned for a reason. Your adventure begins now."

Curriculum Arts and Technologies on offer at Dio

  • Dance (Y9 rotation, Y10 full course, Level 1-3 NCEA)
  • Drama (Y9 rotation, Y10 full course, Level 1-3 NCEA) 
  • Music (Y9 rotation, Y10 full course, Level 1-3 NCEA)
  • Visual Art (Y9 rotation, Y10 full course, Level 1-3 NCEA)
  • Visual Art - Design (Level 2-3 NCEA) 
  • Photography (Level 2-3 NCEA) 
  • Design and Visual Communication (Y9 rotation, Y10 full course, Level 1-3 NCEA)
  • Fashion & Design (Y9 rotation, Y10 full course, Level 1-3 NCEA)
  • Food Technology (Y9 rotation, Y10 full course, Level 1-3 NCEA)

Extra-Curricular Arts on offer at Dio

  • Pixie Kickers (Guitar Ensemble)

  • Jazz Band

  • Orchestra

  • Worship Band

  • Barbershop

  • Cantiamo Choir

  • Auditioned Choir (Bel Suono Choir)

  • Dance Group

  • School Production

  • Sheilah Winn Shakespeare

  • Theatre Sports

  • Debating

  • ITgirls 

  • Kapa Haka

  • Library Helpers

  • Techy Angels

  • NOISE Student Magazine

  • Philosophy and Ethics Club

  • Junior Drama Club

  • Performance Lessons and Instrumental Music Groups

To find out more about Arts and Culture opportunities at Dio, check out our Extra Curricular Guide
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What Our Former Students Say

Arts Honours

Girls who receive an “Arts Honour” are clearly recognised as excelling in their area of expertise. The student will consistently display ability, commitment* and service to the school in the selected Arts activity/discipline. They will have shown enthusiasm, outstanding involvement and spirit as a member of an extra-curricular Arts activity and will be role models for the Arts.  Out-of-school activities/achievements will be considered, but students MUST be involved in school activities.

The Arts Honours are presented at the Arts Awards evening each year. Junior Honours are awarded based on the same criteria for Years 9 & 10 students.

Due to the nature of arts-related disciplines, students must nominate themselves.

*NB: Attendance and contribution will be checked with the person/teacher in charge of discipline.

Waikato Diocesan School Arts Laureate

2008: Abby Dutton
2009: Nathalie Harrington
2010: Tina Sun
2011: Beth Elder
2012: Gwen Lyon

2013: Kelly Greer
2014: Ruby Lyon
2015: Remy Garrett and Keeha Oh
2016: Katherine Garvey
2017: Olivia Thomas

2018: Matiria Moleni
2019: Kate Seager
2020: Lucy Thomas                                            2021: Isabella Reid                                   2022: Alexandra Newman-Jacobs 2023: Julia Sharratt

Contacts (Arts and Culture)


Georgina Hewitt-McGrail
Phone: 07 981 5576


Maria Colvin
Phone: 07 855 2038


Faith Tautuhi
Phone: 07 8552038