Sonning and Waikato Diocesan Old Girls' Association

Lasting Relationships

The role of the Old Girls' Association is to ensure that our students maintain a life-long relationship with the school and the opportunity to foster the bonds of friendship made through the formative school years.
An Old Girls' Bursary and Tertiary Scholarship are available to those who would otherwise be unable to afford a Dio education or need financial support with their tertiary education.
The Association aims to:

  • Provide a means whereby past pupils may unite in keeping in touch with the school, its activities and ideals.

  • Strengthen the bond between the members of the Association and present pupils and staff.

  • Encourage and promote bonds of friendship and service to achieve Christian ideals.

  • Foster the mutual well-being of the Association.

Old Girls' Association Membership

Mary Curran (Principal) - Patron
Shelley Slade-Gully (nee Jenkins) - President
TBA  -Treasurer 
Susan Allen (nee Jarvis) - Secretary (Minutes)
Jane Furness - Secretary (Correspondance)
Deborah Labuschagne (nee Nelson)- Proprietor's Board Representative 


  • Kathryn Shaw (nee Balme)

  • Cathie Holmes (nee Dick) 

  • Jenny Barris (nee McWilliam)

  • Jenny Booth (nee Wiberg)

  • Laura Monahan (nee Wood)

Contact us:

Shelley Slade-Gully - President

Honorary Old Girls

Dame Hilda Ross ;  Mrs Froude ; R English ; M Williams ; D Hosking (Upton) ; D Cherrington ; A Satchell ; O Fitchett ; N Johnstone (Sergel) ; C McKinnon ; D Yule E Edwards ; P Brusey (Wilkins) OBE ; J Cummings (Sergel) ; K Thompson (English) L Gravey (Swarbrick) ; P Dallinger ; Rev M Brown ; E House ; M House ; R Robertshawe;  A Sandford (McNeill) ; Rev Canon B (Monty) Pierard ; C Mirams (Carlyon) ; G Budd (Johnson) ; V Barnes ; P Mirams ; C Armstrong (Brewer); A Botting (Bullock) ; N Slater (Jackson) ; B Jolly (Johnstone) ; Te Arikinui Dame Te AtaiarangiKaahu (Piki) ; B Connor (Cherrington) ; J Care-Cottrell (Green) ; H Parham (Turnwald) ; J Harris ; M Peapell ; K Gouk ; J Bryant (Hicks) ;  S Smith (Pilkington) ; B Thorn (Richards) ; G Simpson ; J Glover ; G Spry (Watson) ; M Main P Armstrong (Pullinger) ; M Slaney ; M Jolly ; R McGowan ; S Mellsopp; V McLennan


Have you ever visited the Waikato Diocesan School Archives? Have you ever thought of donating your school memorabilia to the archives? 

Depositing material in the school archives ensures it will be available in perpetuity.  It could include photographs of people, buildings, special events or sports groups.  Publications such as school newspapers, newsletters, rules and handbooks, scrapbooks, newspaper cutting books, and particularly memorabilia from past pupils can be deposited in the archives.  Pupil workbooks, programmes and invitations to special events are of particular interest.  School uniforms, badges and other textile materials are also stored in the archives.

If you have anything you believe may be significant to the school's history, please leave it at the school office or contact the archives office.  

  • Email:
  • Phone: 07 855 2038 extn 2798

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