Shawnigan Lake School

Shawnigan Lake School is a top class, co-ed boarding school located on Vancouver Island, located on 380 stunning acres just north of the lake which shares its name. Shawnigan offers a complete education to 493 students in grades 8-12. Connections between students and teachers thrive on campus, demonstrated in academic, athletic, fine art and boarding programs that create whole new contexts for learning. Shawnigan has a nearly 100 year tradition of producing leaders, imbued with the character and moral fibre required to be a success in their post-secondary endeavours and beyond.

Timing of Exchange

  • Shawnigan to Dio - Term 1 or 2 2018 (8 weeks)
  • Dio to Shawnigan - Term 4 2018 (Oct - December (8 Weeks) 

Please note: The impact for your daughter not sitting her NCEA level 1 external examinations are minimal and will not affect her Level 2 programme of learning. She will have completed all her internal assessments by the time she leaves for the exchange (end of September).

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Important information for the applicant and her family

The Application and Selection Process:
  • Applicants complete the Year 11 School to School exchange application form
  • Feedback is sought from staff including deans and boarding staff.
  • Successful applicants will be selected following a review of their academic progress, attitude, behaviour and commitment to the school’s extra curricular programme. 
  • From this, a short-list of candidates are interviewed by the Exchange Coordinator and Dean.
During the interview, the following is to be considered:
  • The academic, social and holistic progress and attitude of the student.
  • The ability of the student to adapt to new situations.
  •  The ability and maturity of the student to cope with possibly difficult circumstances.
  • The aims of the student.
Selection of students and confirmation of the exchange placement
  • Meeting arranged to discuss exchange and provide parents with information about the exchange, especially the hosting of inbound students. 

Cost to the Dio girl and her family

  • You will pay your Dio school fees as usual. 
  • The host school will not charge you any fees but may charge for extra-curricular outings/camps which fall over the exchange period. 
  • Airfares, stop-overs, visas, medical insurance costs and transfers to the exchange school. This will be organised directly between your family and your travel agent. 
  • Personal uniform, stationary or boarding expenses (ie; stockings, pens, tuck)
  • Allowance as agreed between the host family and your family, to cover things like school and family outings, additional travel, souvenirs, etc

Academic Implications
Selection for Shawnigan, Baylor and Sutton Valence School will mean that that your daughter will not sit her NCEA level 1 external examinations. The impact of not sitting these exams is minimal as she will have completed all her internal assessments by the time she leaves and will have gained enough credits to pass Level 1. Exchange students are also able to be selected for the Scholars Programme from Level 2 as it is possible to be endorsed with Excellence with credits gained from internal assessments. 

However, Year 10’s applying for the Exchange Programme should be aware of the following regarding their academic progress: Exchange is an exceptional endeavor. It therefore requires students to make exceptional efforts to enjoy the exceptional experience. However, it is also an optional endeavour and it must be clearly understood that the onus is on the students regarding all school and academic work. Exchange is not a holiday. Academic stability is paramount. Therefore the impact on individual students on missing time at Dio and having to catch up is an important factor in the selection process

As part of the commitment to fostering student exchanges, Dio will:

  • Facilitate the exchange between the two schools and liaise between the exchange school administrators, including school enrolment, academic information, medical forms, references, term dates, orientation programmes for both outgoing and incoming students.
  • Make the Dio student and her family aware of any implications regarding their academic programme and NCEA achievement.
  • Provide a place and process for the exchange ‘sister’ coming to Dio
  • Maintain regular communication with the Dio host family throughout the exchange.
  • Provide a pastoral care mentor (the exchange coordinator) for the incoming student throughout the exchange period.
  • Provide support to the Dio girl on her return from the exchange to help her integrate back into school life.

The family of the Dio girl on exchange will:

  • Communicate with Dio and complete the required documentation for both schools including Police vetting (as a requirement of the Ministry of Education’s 'Code of Practice for the Care of Overseas Students' all Homestay parents, plus anyone else aged 18 or over who lives with the family must agree to Police vetting).
  • Meet the financial obligations of the exchange.
  • Communicate directly with the overseas host family and school where necessary for sharing information and building positive relationships.
The Dio family hosting an exchange ‘sister’ will enter into the spirit of the exchange by maximising the experience of the ‘sister’ by:
  • Making her feel welcome – from the airport arrival to her departure
  • Providing a comfortable and adequately private space
  • Recognising and respecting specific dietary, medical, learning or personal needs
  • Introducing her to NZ food, customs, culture, environment and lifestyle
  • Ensuring the exchange ‘sister’ follows Dio expectations of uniform, attendance and behaviour, and keeps up with her academic work while at school
  • Encouraging her involvement in social family/peer activities, and in Dio extra-curricular activities
  • Communicating with her family back home, and assisting them where possible if they choose to visit in NZ
  • Providing opportunities for the exchange student to experience different parts of the country.

Please note that whilst these exchanges are planned in good faith, Waikato Diocesan cannot be held accountable for any changes initiated by the exchange school due to unforeseen circumstances.

School Exchanges Coordinator

For all enquiries regarding school exchanges, please contact the School Exchanges Coordinator.

Mrs Claire Foot
Phone: 07 8552038 extn 2817