Dio Old Girls in Focus

Julia Ratcliffe (Class of 2011)

  • 2014 Commonwealth Games Silver Medaliist, Hammer Throw
  • Dio Head Girl 2011
  • Academic Dux 2011
  • Dio Old Girl Sportswoman of the Year 2014

You know that you have reached a new level of famous, when you are one of the questions on the Air New Zealand in-flight quiz. Domestic travellers are being asked in what sport did New Zealander, Julia Ratcliffe, win her 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Silver medal?

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Catherine Charleson (Class of '03)

  • Clinical Embryologist

“I always loved Science, especially Biology. My Science teacher was Mrs Young and I have lots of memories of her; she was a passionate and excellent teacher. When I was in the seventh form we had five topics to choose from for a project. I chose infertility and IVF. I visited the IVF clinic at Waikato Hospital and found the subject fascinating, offering me an interesting research topic. It is a medical, science, people area,“ says Clinical Embryologist and Dio Old Girl Catherine Charleson (Class of ‘03).

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Kylie Bax (Class of '91)

  • International Model
  • Horse Breeder
  • Personal Stylist

International model, horse breeder, loving mum and Dio Old Girl, Kylie Bax was a boarder from 1988 to 1991 because “my parents felt it was a good school and would give me a good start in adult life”. She was a member of Wilson House: “we won House Singing in my first year”.

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