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Term 1, issue 2

He pōkeke Uenuku i tū ai  - Against a dark cloud, the rainbow stands out brightly
2022 has begun with what was to be expected but not wanted.

In 2020, education and our ‘normal’ changed; and in 2021 the challenges and changes just kept on coming, with the year ending under the ‘traffic light system.’

Then, in 2022, schools reopened under the ‘red-light setting’ with even more change and more adjustments to the ‘norm.’

Despite having only just come back to school after the summer break that inner turmoil began to kick in again, with calls for more clarity around mask-wearing, the provision of masks, ventilation, and more.

There is a fine line between the right of the government to set the course, the rights of boards to chart the direction of the school, and the rights of the leaders to steer the school – however, here at Waikato Dio, this is what we all do. Me mahi tahi tatou mo te oranga o te katoa – working together for the wellbeing of all.

With this in mind, I would like to acknowledge the work that is being done by our school staff (both teaching, support and boarding) to ensure that teaching and learning continue while observing their own health and safety protocols, which at times have been extremely challenging.

Transitioning between onsite, online and hybrid learning has not been easy for both the learner and the teacher and many extra hours have been put in to ensure that both academic and wellbeing pathways have been put in place to support all.

It is my hope that over the coming months words like ‘postpone’ and ‘cancel’ will finally become a thing of the past.

On the back of International Women's Day on 8 March, I have shared an article below from the Alliance of Girls' Schools Australasia that you may find interesting:

International Women's Day-‘Confidence culture’ might help girls cope, but what the world needs this International Women’s Day is to #BreakTheBias 

Whilst it is clear that 2022 will continue to be challenging, our heart goes out to everyone impacted by our current situation – the fear, worry, anxiety and even anger are normal so please take care of yourself and others - nga mihi aroha kia koutou katoa.

Remember: He pōkeke Uenuku i tū ai - Against a dark cloud the rainbow stands out brightly.


Mrs Mary Curran