Dio girls are undoubtedly privileged: they attend a school that can provide all the facilities and resources required to assist them to meet their potentials and they enjoy the unconditional love and support of their families who are fully involved in their lives and education. It is therefore gratifying when they are able to recognise and acknowledge these blessings and want to offer assistance and support to others who do not enjoy the same advantages.

Supporting charities and volunteering service have long been integral parts of the Dio ethos. These practices are embedded in the teaching and learning programmes, the annual calendar, and the House and student leadership structures. 
Our girls support these customs without question and enjoy doing so. And, every year, they find new and increasingly ingenious ways of giving back.

Every year, hundreds of Dio girls assemble and donate Easter Baskets which are delivered to local rest home residents and children in hospital wards.

Yet another popular annual service opportunity is the pilgrimage to Fiji, to work at St Christopher’s orphanage in Suva, and Bureta Village on Ovalau Island. As well as donating much-needed funds, the travelling senior students collect medical supplies, clothing, prayer books, toys and educational supplies to assist the village school and medical centre.

Alongside these annual service initiatives, there is always room in Dio hearts for spur-of- the-moment causes, which students embrace with enthusiasm and determination. 

Dio encourages its students to be involved in social services initiatives, knowing that, with willing minds and hearts, we can all make a difference. Through this involvement and awareness, students are developing the moral foundations for good citizenship.