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Promising results at recent Rowing Regattas

posted 7 Feb 2017, 17:00 by Unknown user   [ updated 8 Feb 2017, 23:32 by Jane Schilov ]
Congratulations to our rowers on their results at the two recent combined regattas at Lake Karapiro. 

Cambridge Town Cup
Girls U17 coxed four placed 3rd - Olivia Fellows-Ford, Kate Monkley, Brooke Walden, Meg Walden and Meg Scrimgeour (Cox)
Girls U15 coxed four placed 2nd - Teagan Knight, Jessica Horrigan, Sophie Reeves, Mia Coventry and Pippa Wilson (Cox)
Girls U15 coxed four placed 3rd - Ava Dunn, Lucy Fullerton-Smith, Freya Sirl, Sophie Fullerton-Smith and Charlotte Grey (Cox)
Girls U18 coxed four placed 1st - Olivia Fellows-Ford, Olivia Morgan, Kate Monkley,  Brooke Walden and Meg Scrimgeour (Cox)
Girls U16 coxed Quad sculls placed 3rd - Georgia Clapcott, Rosanna Bedford, Meg Walden, Abby Payne and Arabella Mitchell (Cox)
Girls U15 coxed eight placed 1st - Ava Dunn, Jessica Horrigan, Teagan Knight, Sophie Reeves, Sophie Fullerton-Smith, Lucy Fullerton-Smith, Mia Coventry, Freya Sirl and Pippa Wilson (Cox)
Girls U17 coxed eight placed 2nd - Olivia Fellows-Ford, Meg Walden, Brooke Walden, Kate Monkley, Georgia Clapcott, Rosanna Bedford, Georgia Kimpton, Abby Payne and Meg Scrimgeour (Cox)

North Island Club Champs
Women's Novice coxed four won a silver medal - Georgia Kimpton, Katie Mackenzie, Daan Bolder, Sarah Martin and Meg Scrimgeour (Cox)
Women's Novice coxed four won a bronze medal - Teagan Knight, Jessica Horrigan, Sophie Reeves, Mia Coventry and Arabella Mitchell (Cox)
Women's Novice coxed eight won a gold medal - Ava Dunn, Sarah Martin, Georgia Kimpton, Katie Mackenzie, Freya Sirl, Sophie Reeves, Mia Coventry, Lucy Fullerton-Smith and Charlotte Grey (Cox)
Women's Club Pair won a gold medal - Olivia Morgan and Holly Mills