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Dio Top School at NISS Swimming Champs!

posted 21 May 2017, 21:32 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 22 May 2017, 17:48 ]
After taking out the WSS Champs our swimmers have now gone one further and took out top school overall at the NISS Swimming Champs in Palmerston North last weekend. Congratulations to all of you on your outstanding results. We have highlighted top ten placings however for a full list of results then click on the link below.

14yrs and Under
Gina McCarthy 
1st - 200M Breaststroke 
1st - 200M Backstroke 
1st - Girls 400M Freestyle

Sarah Wilson
1st - 100M Breaststroke 
2nd - 200M Breaststroke 
2nd - 50M Breaststroke 
5th - 50M Butterfly

Hannah Morgan
1st - 50M Breaststroke 
2nd - 200M Backstroke
3rd - 100M Backstroke 
6th - 50M Backstroke

Charlize Tordoff
3rd - 50M Backstroke
4th - 50M Freestyle
6th - 100M Backstroke
7th - 100M Freestyle

Holly Isaac
7th - 50M Backstroke

Brooke Bigwood
7th - 200M Backstroke
8th - 50M Backstroke

Kelly Lewis
7th - 50M Butterfly
8th - 100M Freestyle

15 yrs and Over
Sophie Lewis
2nd - 100M Freestyle
2nd - 50M Freestyle
8th - 100M Breaststroke

Jess Chapman
3rd - 50M Breaststroke 
5th - 50M Freestyle 
6th -  200M Breaststroke

Grace Soo Choon 
1st - 100M Butterfly 
2nd - 50M Butterfly
2nd - 200M Backstroke
2nd - 200M Butterfly

Sarah Miller
3rd - 200M IM
3rd - 100M Fly
4th - 200M Butterfly
5th - 50M Butterfly

Katie White
5th - 100M Butterfly 
6th - 50M Butterfly
6th - 50M Freestyle

Madison Chapman
3rd - 50M Breaststroke 
6th - 50 Breastroke
8th - 50M Butterfly

Sarah Jeffcoat
7th - 200M Backstroke

Relay Teams
1st Girls 200M Freestyle Relay - Gina McCarthy, Madison Chapman, Jess Chapman and Sophie Lewis
2nd Girls 200M Freestyle Relay - Katie White, Grace Soo Choon, Sarah Miller and Charlize Tordoff
6th Girls 200M Freestyle Relay - Hannah Morgan, Kelly Lewis, Sarah Wilson and Freya Sirl
1st Girls 200M Medley Relay - Gina McCarthy, Grace Soo Choon, Sophie Lewis and Holly Isaac
2nd Girls 200M Medley Relay - Charlize Tordoff, Jess Chapman, Sarah Miller and Madison Chapman
5th Girls 200M Medley Relay - Sarah Jeffcoat, Sarah Wilson, Katie White and Brooke Bigwood
Jane Schilov,
21 May 2017, 21:32