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2018 WSS Swimming Championships Results

posted 15 Apr 2018, 19:09 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 13 May 2018, 19:15 by Debbie Stevens ]

Congratulations to all our swimmers who were involved in the WSS Swim Championships which were held in Te Awamutu on 10th April. We would particularly like to acknowledge the girls
highlighted below on their top three placings. For a full list of results please click on the Results link at bottom of the page.

Girls 13 & Under
  • Laura Littlejohn - 1st 50m Breaststroke, 200m IM, 2nd 100m Breaststroke
  • Kelly Lewis - 2nd 50m Butterfly and 50m Freestyle, 3rd 100m Butterfly
  • Minnie Glover - 1st 50m and 100m Backstroke, 1st 100m Freestyle
  • Brooke Pyle - 1st 50m Freestyle, 2nd 100m and 200m Freestyle
  • Nikita Coleman - 3rd 50m Freestyle
Girls 14 & 15
  • Charlize Tordoff - 1st 50m Butterfly and 1st 50m and 100m Freestyle
  • Madison Chapman - 2nd 50m Butterfly, 3rd 50m Freestyle, 2nd 100m IM
  • Hannah Morgan - 1st 50m and 100m Breaststroke, 3rd 100m Backstroke
  • Holly Isaac - 1st 50m and 100m Backstroke
  • Sarah Miller - 1st 100m Butterfly, 2nd 200m IM and 200m Freestyle
  • Gina McCarthy - 1st 100m and 200m IM and 1st 200m Freestyle
  • Sarah Wilson - 3rd 200m IM, 2nd 100m Breaststroke

Girls 16 & Over
  • Grace Soo Choon - 1st 50m and 100m Butterfly, 1st 200m IM
  • Ella Brock - 1st 50m and 100m Freestyle
  • Teri MacDonald - 2nd 50m Freestyle

Relay Teams

Girls 14 & Under 100m Medley
  • 1st - Minnie Glover, Laura Littlejohn, Kelly Lewis and Charlize Tordoff
  • 3rd - Olivia Bayne, Xanthe Wainui-Mackle, Amelia de Lautour and Booke Pyle

Girls 15 & Over 100m Medley
  • 1st - Holly Isaac, Sarah Wilson, Madison Chapman and Ella Brock

Girls 14 & Under 100m Freestyle
  • 1st - Kelly Lewis, Hannah Morgan, Laura Littlejohn and Brooke Pyle

Girls 15 & Over 100m Freestyle
  • 1st - Ella Brock, Sarah Miller, Charlize Tordoff and Gina McCarthy
  • 3rd - Holly Isaac, Freya Sirl, Grace Soo Choon and Madison Chapman
Jane Schilov,
15 Apr 2018, 19:16