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Amazing results from our swimmers at NAGS!

posted 9 May 2019, 18:32 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 9 May 2019, 18:44 ]

During the holidays our swimmers competed at the National Age Group Championships and achieved some stellar results!

Well done to all who competed by swimming with heart, producing PB's, winning medals or making Dio and your clubs proud.

A special mention to the following girls on their top three placings.

Laura Littlejohn - 5 Golds, 1 Silver, 4 Bronze medals

1st – 14yr Girls 100m Freestyle – New Waikato Age Group Record

1st – 14yr Girls 50m Freestyle – New Waikato Age Group Record

1st – 14yr Girls 50m Butterfly – New Waikato Age Group Record

1st – 14yr Girls 200m Freestyle

1st – 14yr Girls 200m Individual Medley

2nd – 14yr Girls 100m Butterfly

3rd – 14yr Girls 50m Backstroke

3rd – 14yr Girls 100m Breaststroke

3rd – 15 & Under 400m Freestyle Club Relay

3rd – 15 & Under 400m Medley Club Relay


Gina McCarthy - 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze

1st – 16yr Girls 400m Individual Medley

1st – 16yr Girls 200m Backstroke – New Waikato Age Group AND Open Record

2nd – 16yr Girls 100m Backstroke

2nd – 16yr Girls 200m Individual Medley

2nd – 16yr Girls 200m Freestyle

3rd – 16yr Girls 100m Freestyle

Holly Isaac - 1 silver and 1 bronze. Holly has also been invited to the Australia State Teams Championships stage 2 selection camp later this month.

2nd – 16yr Girls 50m Backstroke

3rd – 16yr Girls 100m Backstroke

Minnie Glover - 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze


1st – 15 & Under 400m Freestyle Club Relay

1st – 15 & Under 400m Medley Club Relay

2nd – 14yr Girls 100m Freestyle

2nd – 14yr Girls 50m Backstroke – New Waikato Age Group Record

3rd – 14yr Girls 100m Backstroke

3rd – 14yr Girls 200m Backstroke

Sarah Wilson - 2 Golds

1st – 15 & Under 400m Freestyle Club Relay

1st – 15 & Under 400m Medley Club Relay

Kelly Lewis - 2 Bronze

3rd – 14yr Girls 50m Butterfly

3rd – 14yr Girls 100m Freestyle

Hannah Morgan - 2 Bronze

2nd – 15yr Girls 50m Breaststroke

3rd – 15 & Under 400m Medley Club Relay

Sarah Miller - 1 Silver and 1 Bronze

2nd – 17/18yr Girls 400m Individual Medley

3rd – 17/18yr Girls 400m Freestyle

Olivia Bayne - 1 Bronze

3rd – 15 & Under 400m Freestyle Club Relay

Amelia de Lautour - 1 Bronze

3rd – 15 & Under 400m Medley Club Relay

Brooke Pyle - 1 Bronze

3rd – 15 & Under 400m Freestyle Club Relay

Silver Jubilee Rowing Auction Dinner Tickets On Sale Now!

posted 13 Mar 2019, 12:24 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

To purchase your tickets, contact Alex Bedford  alex.bedford7@gmail.com

Central Zone Athletics Results 2019

posted 10 Mar 2019, 15:02 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 10 Mar 2019, 15:05 ]

Last week we took a strong team of track and field athletes to the Central Zone Athletics Champs. This is a great chance to come up against all the local schools. Dio achieved some outstanding results! Well done to all who qualified to compete at this event and congratulations to our placegetters below:

Junior Girls
Zoe Oliver-Dowling - 3rd 100m, 1st 200m
Isla McCabe - 3rd 200m, 1st Long Jump
Ruby Makeham - 3rd 300m
Sophia Scaramuzza - 1st 800m, 1st 1500m, 3rd Triple Jump
Charlotte Bryant - 3rd 1500m, 2nd 3000m
Alexandra Peoples - 3rd 3000m
Hayley Williams - 2nd High Jump
Charlotte Mackenzie - 1st Discus

Intermediate Girls

Bree Scott - 2nd 800m, 3rd 1500m
Amelia de Lautour - 1st High Jump
Lucy Vellenoweth - 1st Shot Put

Senior Girls
Emma Barton - 3rd 800m, 1st 1500m
Eleanor Barton - 2nd 1500m, 1st 3000m
Lucy Farrell - 3rd 1500m, 2nd 3000m
Arden Mason - 3rd Shot Put, 2nd Discus

4x100m Relay
Junior Girls - 2nd
Intermediate Girls - 3rd

Finalised Heats for Swimming Sports!

posted 11 Feb 2019, 13:19 by Jane Schilov

We are looking forward to Swimming Sports tomorrow! The heats are detailed below for our competitive swimmers. If you are competing in these heats then you will need to meet at the pool at 8.20am for roll call and races will begin at 8.35am.

See you there and don't forget your sunscreen and hat!

Championship Swimming Heats 2019

Athletics Day 2019!

posted 4 Feb 2019, 13:32 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 4 Feb 2019, 14:03 ]

Athletics Day quickly follows Swimming Sports on Thursday 21st February and is another action packed day which the whole school are involved in. Check out the days programme below and we look forward to seeing you all there!

If you have any queries please contact the Sports Department - sports@wdsg.school.nz

Athletics Programme 2019

Swimming Sports 2019!

posted 4 Feb 2019, 12:45 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 4 Feb 2019, 14:05 ]

One of the highlights of the school calendar is our school Swimming Sports and this takes place next Wednesday 13th February at the school pool. This an awesome event and we encourage friends and family to join us for a day in the sun. 

See below for an outline of the events for the day. All heats will take place in the morning and there will also be a lot of fun events in addition to the competitive races. 

A great day for all and if you have any queries then please get in touch with our Sports Department - sports@wdsg.school.nz. 


Sports Sign-Up for 2019 is now open!

posted 20 Jan 2019, 17:30 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 6 Feb 2019, 17:20 ]

We are now preparing for another exciting year of sport at Dio!
Sign-up for Terms 1 - 3 sports are now open online via EnrolMy. Click on the link below to make your choice for from our amazing options. The Co-Curricular guide provides you with detailed information about our options and the EnrolMy website is the link to sign-up once you have chosen your options.

Sign-up closes on the 18th February except for a few of our summer codes such as Touch, Water Polo and Volleyball which close on the 3rd February.

If you have any questions then send us an email - sports@wdsg.school.nz.

Sports Awards 2018

posted 31 Oct 2018, 14:51 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls   [ updated 15 Nov 2018, 17:34 ]


Junior Champion and the winner of the Ratcliffe Cup for Excellence in Secondary School Athletics:
Amelia de Lautour

Intermediate Champion:
Lucy Vellenoweth

Senior Champion:
Arden Mason

Junior Champion:
Laura Littlejohn

Intermediate Champion and the winner of the Wilson Trophy for Excellence in Swimming:
Gina McCarthy

Senior Champion:
Grace Soo Choon

Junior Trophy:
Hannah Hull

Intermediate Trophy:
Bree Scott

Senior Trophy:
Ele Barton

These are awarded to senior students who have been involved for a number of years in either umpiring or coaching.

  • Sabina East for Hockey
  • Ele Barton for Hockey
  • Emma Barton for Hockey
  • Saneng Taing for Netball
  • Tiana Thompson for Netball
  • Blanche Herbert for her contribution to our Junior cycling programme.
These are awarded to students who have received Blues in more than one sport.  All students who receive Junior Blues are in Years 9 & 10. 

  • Jordana Bremner - Football and Futsal
  • Ellie Deane - Equestrian and Multisport
  • Laura Littlejohn - Multisport and Swimming
  • Lydia Ryan - Multisport and Water Polo

Junior Blues in one sport: 
  • Athletics - Amelia de Lautour
  • Basketball - Olivia McDonald
  • Cheerleading - Kayley Donovan
  • Cycling - Olivia Gordon and Jade Perry 
  • Cue Sports - Alexandria Endres and Alyxandra Jones
  • Equestrian - Alice Buckley, Leah Norvall, Georgia Wyatt
  • Football - Olivia Speirs, Charlotte Ulyatt
  • Hockey - Rosie Migounoff
  • Lacrosse - Grace Murphy
  • Multisport - Katie Brown, Hannah Hull, Katie McLeod and Bree Scott
  • Rowing - Brooke Carter, Sophie Holten, Georgia Jefferis, Lucy Miller
  • Sevens Rugby - Haley Parker
  • Swimming - Amelia Glover, Kelly Lewis, Hannah Morgan, Brooke Pyle Charlize Tordoff and Sarah Wilson
  • Syncronised Swimming - Sophie Liefting
  • Tennis - Emma Bartram and Loren Williams
  • Water Polo - Mahinaarangi Jefferies, Jorja Scott and Emmi Wright

(for school sports codes)

  • Saniya Kansal - Flintoff/Reddy Trophy for the Most Improved Badminton Player
  • Jenna Cousins - Badminton Cup for all-round Excellence in Badminton
  • Olivia McDonald - Most Promising Junior Basketball Player
  • Harriet Berry - Gresson Cup for the Most Outstanding Basketball Player

  • Emma Douglas - Best and Most Improved Stunt Cheerleader         
  • Morgan Shackleton - Johl Cup for the Most Improved Cricketer in the 1st XI
  • Georgina Harris - Neilsen Cup for the Most Outstanding Cricket Player    
  • Kate Ward - Rauber Trophy for the Most Promising 1st-year Cyclist
  • Ellie Deane - Cycling Academy Cup for the Most  Improved Junior Cyclist.
  • Claudia Vanner - Cycling Coaches’ Choice Award
  • Eva Parkinson - Cycle Time Cup for Excellence in Cycling throughout the season
  • Georgia Wyatt - Bodle Family Trophy for Most Improved Junior Rider
  • Ellie Deane - Junior Rider Award for the junior rider who has accumulated the most points from her results at the inter-school competition
  • Fiona Wallace - Holt Cup for the Most Valuable Contribution to the Equestrian Club
  • Samantha Caldwell - Gillian Simpson Award for Best Individual Performance in Equestrian throughout this year
  • Charlotte Ulyatt - Lucy Thompson Trophy for the Most Promising Junior Football Player
  • Zoe Courtney - Most Improved Football Player in the 1st XI.
  • Olivia Speirs - Shannon-Leigh Litt Cup for the Most Promising Football Player in 1st XI.
  • Lucy Boucher - Focus Homes Cup for Contribution to Football 
  • Lucy Boucher - Stuart Robertson Golden Boot Award for the season’s top goal scorer in the 1st XI
  • Jordana Bremner - Most Outstanding Football Player                                        
  • Isla Mangan - Most Valuable Contribution to Junior Hockey                                  
  • Charlotte Washer - Wilson Trophy for Most Improved Junior Player (outside the 1st and 2nd XI)
  • Madeleine Shale - Most Outstanding Junior Hockey Player
  • Lucy Vellenoweth - Bryant Cup for the Most Improved Hockey Player in 1st XI
  • Silvie Irwin - Gribble Cup for Contribution to Hockey
  • Annaliese Bird - Most Outstanding Hockey Player
Inline Hockey 
  • Tuhi Hopa-Thomson - Most Outstanding Inline Hockey Player
  • Olivia McLennan - Most Outstanding Lacrosse Player
  • Emily Irvine - Colliers Cup for Excellence in Multisport
  • Hannah Avery - Most Promising Year 9 Netball Player
  • Abby Surridge - Thompson Trophy for Most Improved Year 9 Netball Player 
  • Laura Littlejohn - Gatland Trophy  for the Most Outstanding Year 9 Player
  • Sophie Holten - Hammill Cup for the Most Promising Year 10 Netball Player within a Year 10 competition.
  • Isabella Reid - Litt Cup for Most Outstanding Year 10 Netball Player.          
  • Rhiannon Parry - Trophy for the Most Promising Development Team Player
  • Phoebe Tumata - Fairweather Cup for the Most Improved Netball Player in the Open A.
  • Georgia Bodle - Priscott Cup for Contribution to Netball
  • Georgia Bodle - Caulton Cup for Excellence in Netball 

Junior Cup donated by the Marsh Family. Most Successful Junior Crew at under 15 or under 16 level in an Eight, Four or Quad.
U16 Coxed Four: Georgia Clapcott, Sophie Reeves, Isobel Watson, Rosanna Bedford and coxswain Meg Scrimgeour

De Groen Cup Most Successful Senior crew at under 17 or under 18 level, in a Four/Quad, open, novice or lightweight for success at NISS and NZSS Championships
U17 Coxed Four: Olivia Fellows-Ford, Kate Monkley, Georgia Kimpton, Holly Mills and coxswain Emma Barker 
Lisa Britton Cup for the rower with the most points based on starts - 1st, 2nd or 3rd throughout the full season
Isobel Watson
O’Leary Cup for the Most Promising Novice Rower
Georgia Jefferis 
Baker Cup for the most committed, reliable and enthusiastic sports person with a positive attitude and responsible at boat loading and unloading
Holly Mills

Hodges Cup for the coxswain with most points based on starts - 1st, 2nd or 3rd throughout the full season
Emma Barker 
Krielen Cup awarded to a senior rower who has shown resilience, determination and commitment to rowing over four years. They display good leadership, mentoring to the junior members of the club, uphold the ideals of Dio Rowing and have achieved high-performance levels in their own rowing.
Emma Barker 

  • Charlotte Collier - Jarvis Cup for the Most Promising Skier
  • Meg Walden - Jarvis Cup for the Most Outstanding Skier 
  • Hannah Wallbank - Most Improved Novice Squash Player
  • Jenna Foot - Bunn Cup for Most Improved Squash Player in the top senior team
  • Caitlin Evison - Bunn Trophy for the Most Outstanding Squash Player of the year
  • Loren Williams - McCartney Cup for Excellence in Junior Tennis
  • Zoe Clapcott Hodgson Cup for Excellence in Tennis
  • Caitlyn Parrot - Most Improved Touch Player
  • Eva Kessels - Thompson Trophy for the Most Outstanding Contribution to Dio Touch
  • Tiana Thompson - Young Trophy for Most Outstanding Touch Player
Water Polo
  • Jorja Scott - Most Promising Junior Water Polo Player
  • Georgia Grant - Contribution to Water Polo
  • Teri MacDonald - Most Outstanding Water Polo Player
Tarryn Davey (Class of 2013)

Senior Blues are awarded to students in Year 11, 12 and 13 who have excelled in their sports code. Senior Blues in more than one sport:
  • Emma Barton - Hockey and Multisport
  • Rosanna Bedford - Hockey and Rowing
  • Georgia Bodle - Netball and Sevens Rugby
  • Rachel Major - Football and Futsal
  • Megan Spring - Cycling and Multisport
  • Lucy Vellenoweth - Athletics and Hockey

Senior Blues in one sport:
  • Athletics - Arden Mason
  • Basketball - Harriet Berry
  • Cheerleading - Brooke Mahaffey 
  • Cricket - Lucy Boucher, Georgina Harris, Olivia McLennan, Emily Rich and Kate Woolerton
  • Cycling - Courtney King, Olivia King, McKenzie Milne, Eva Parkinson, Claudia Vanner
  • Equestrian - Allyssa Babington, Samantha Caldwell, Brianna Hayes, Nicole Rogers, Fiona Wallace and Anna Wilson
  • Hockey - Ele Barton, Olivia Bloor, Emily Carlson, Georgia Ronowicz
  • Inline Hockey - Tuhi-Mareikura Hopa-Thomson 
  • Multisport - Lucy Farrell, Emily Irvine
  • Netball - Charlotte Pyke, Alice Wilkinson and Cara Wynne
  • Rowing - Emma Barker, Jessica Brook-Watt, Georgia Clapcott, Mia Coventry, Olivia Fellows-Ford, Jessica Horrigan, Georgia Kimpton, Holly Mills, Kate Monkley, Holly Peoples, Sophie Reeves, Meg Scrimgeour and Isobel Watson
  • Sevens Rugby - Ava Dunn 
  • Snowsports - Meg Walden 
  • Sport Climbing - Zeta Hittmann
  • Squash - Caitlin Evison 
  • Swimming - Ella Brock, Madison Chapman, Holly Isaac, Gina McCarthy, Sarah Miller and Grace Soo Choon
  • Tennis - Zoe Clapcott, Saskia Johns 
  • Touch - Samantha Rodley, Tiana Thompson
  • Water Polo - Jessica Falconer, Katie Hartley, Sarah Jeffcoat, Janneke Kuper and Teri MacDonald


awarded to students who have excelled on a national or international level in a sports code which is not an official Waikato Diocesan school sport or they do not compete in a school team. Because Dio is not involved in the coordination of their sport they do not qualify for School Blues Awards. With these awards we recognise and acknowledge their outstanding achievements.

  • Emily Jin - Table Tennis
  • Sophie Lewis - Wakeboarding
  • Sophie Liefting - Syncronised Swimming 
  • Abbie Osborn - BMX 
  • Nina White - Boxing


Awarded to the student in each year level who has the best all-round sporting record, represented and excelled in at least one school sport and been fully involved in all aspects of the school sports programme.

Year 9 Sport Cup

  • Laura Littlejohn

Year 10 Sport Cup

  • Hannah Morgan

Junior Sports Award

Awarded to a junior sportswoman who has excelled in sport both at school and at the regional or national level:
  • Alyxandra Jones

Senior Sports Shield 
Year 13 students who have achieved their Blues in their final year of school. 
  • Allyssa Babington
  • Emma Barker
  • Harriet Berry
  • Georgia Bodle
  • Katie Hartley
  • Brianna Hayes
  • Emily Irvine
  • Courtney King
  • Olivia King
  • Janneke Kuper 
  • McKenzie Milne
  • Eva Parkinson
  • Grace Soo Choon
  • Tiana Thompson
  • Claudia Vanner
  • Meg Walden 
  • Fiona Wallace
  • Kate Woolerton
  • Cara Wynne
Fairplayer of the Year Award: 
A senior student who plays a team sport and has shown the highest level of sportsmanship and fair play both on and off the court/field and is voted for by the Sports Council
  • Kate Woolerton

Student Umpire of the Year Award

  • Sabina East           

Chatfield Cup for Coaching Excellence 

Awarded to a Dio team coach for all-round commitment and outstanding coaching ability.
  • Gary Robertson - Rowing

Sports Leadership Award

Awarded to a senior student who has made an exceptional contribution as a leader in one or more areas of sport.
  • Georgia Bodle

Patterson Trophy for the Senior All-Rounder of the Year  

Awarded to the senior student in Year 11, 12 or 13 who has the most outstanding achievements across a range of sporting endeavours. The recipient must have reached a high level in one or more codes and been involved in at least three sports.
  • Lucy Vellenoweth
Hall of Fame
Year 13 students who have achieved New Zealand selection in their sport while at school in an age group U16 and above
  • Emily Irvine - Multisport
  • Courtney King - Cycling
  • Olivia King - Cycling 
  • McKenzie Milne - Cycling 
  • Eva Parkinson - Cycling
  • Claudia Vanner - Cycling

Team of the Year Shield

Awarded for the most outstanding performance by a school sports team during the year. 
  • U17 Coxed 8 Rowing Crew: Olivia Fellows-Ford, Sophie Reeves, Kate Monkley, Isobel Watson, Georgia Kimpton, Georgia Clapcott, Rosanna Bedford, Holly Mills and coxswain Emma Barker 
The Leavers Cup 
Presented to the student leaving school with the best sporting record, who has been active in many disciplines and gained outstanding success in at least one. She must also have been active over her whole sporting career and given something back to the school.
  • Emily Irvine      
Sportswoman of the Year  
Awarded to a senior student who has achieved North Island or New Zealand representative honours in the current sporting year and has achieved the most outstanding performance for the year.
  • McKenzie Milne

Sports Awards tickets on sale now!

posted 10 Oct 2018, 16:53 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 10 Oct 2018, 17:00 ]

Tickets to our Sports Awards evening are now on sale! Below you will find a list of those students who are receiving awards.

The Awards Evening is a formal function at which we celebrate and acknowledge our top sportspeople in the school. The awards presented during the evening include Junior Sports Blues, Senior Sports Blues, Sports Service Awards, all sports codes awards and the major awards including - Sportswomen of the year, Leavers Cup, All-rounder of the year, Junior Sports Award, Team of the Year and Sportsmanship Award.

The guest speaker this year is old girl and Commonwealth Games Gold medallist Tarryn Davey and we look forward to hearing about her experiences in the Black Sticks. 

The evening will be held on Wednesday 24 October 2018, in the Waikato Diocesan Gymnasium. Doors open at 6.00pm and the award presentations will begin promptly at 6.30pm. Tickets are $45 per person for everyone attending - parents, carers, family, students, and this includes a buffet meal and some alcohol and non-alcoholic beverage.

The tickets for this event are now on sale at the School Shop (these are non-refundable). You can also ring the shop and pay over the phone (07 855 2038 ext 2766). Please note the school shop will be open on Friday 12 October if you wanted to purchase tickets in the holidays.

We hope that you will be able to join us for this function to celebrate Waikato Diocesan Sport in 2018.

Sports Award Recipients 2018

Sports Awards and Blues Applications now open for Winter Codes!

posted 1 Aug 2018, 15:32 by Jane Schilov

In Term 4 we will be holding our annual Sports Awards evening which is an opportunity to showcase the wonderful sporting talent within our school. 

The awards presented during the evening include Junior Sports Blues, Senior Sports Blues, Sports Service Awards, all sports codes awards and major awards including - Sportswoman of the Year, Leavers Cup, All-Rounder of the Year, Junior Sports Award, Team of the Year and Sportsmanship Award.

We have now opened up the Sports Awards and Blues Application form for our winter sporting codes. The winter sport season and judging / performance period involves those winter codes that have taken place in 2018. The application for summer codes is now closed.

Please find our Blues Criteria attached below which will give you a guide on the benchmark for the Junior and Senior Blues Awards. You will also find the application form below which must be completed in order to be considered for awards. All applications will need to be received by 3pm, Friday 31st August 2018.

Sports Awards/Blues Application Form - Winter Codes 2018

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