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Latest Sports News

Dio crowned NZSS Swimming Champions!

posted 18 Sep 2017, 16:48 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 24 Sep 2017, 19:52 by Debbie Stevens ]

Our swimmers have had an amazing year, they have won WSS, NISS and now the NZSS Champs! They were top female school and top school overall at the NZSS Champs which were held in Hamilton from the 15th - 17th September. Well done all our swimmers on your outstanding combined results which saw you crowned champs!

Please see below a break down of our swimmers wonderful top ten placings including our impressive results in the relay.

Jess Chapman 
9th 200m Breastroke
7th 200m Freestyle
10th 100m Freestyle
5th 50m Breaststroke

Sophie Lewis
2nd 100m Freestyle
4th 50m Freestyle
8th 50m Fly
5th 400m Freestyle

Grace Soo Choon
3rd 300m Fly
3rd 100m Fly
5th 50m Fly

Maddi Chapman
4th 50m Breaststroke
9th 200m IM
8th 400m Freestyle

Sarah Miller
4th 200m Freestyle
6th 100m Freestyle
2nd 200m Fly
2nd 200m IM
2nd 100m Fly
3rd 200m Backstroke
6th 100m Backstroke
8th 50m Fly
3rd 400m Freestyle

Freya Sirl
6th 200m Freestyle
5th 400m Freestyle

Gina McCarthy
1st 200m Breaststroke
1st 200m Freestyle
1st 200m IM
1st 200m Backstroke
1st 100m Freestyle
1st 100m Breaststroke
1st 100m Backstroke
1st 50m Breaststroke
1st 400m Freestyle
4th 50m Freestyle

Holly Isaac
2nd 50m Backstroke
4th 200m Backstroke
1st 100m Backstroke

Charlize Tordoff
4th 50m Backstroke
3rd 50m Freestyle
6th 100m Backstroke
9th 50m Fly

Hannah Morgan
6th 200m Breaststroke
7th 50m Backstroke
2nd 100m Breaststroke
3rd 50m Breaststroke
200m Backstroke

Kelly Lewis
7th 50m Backstroke
5th 100m Freestyle
7th 100m Fly
10th 50m Freestyle
4th 50m Fly

Sarah Wilson
2nd 200m Breaststroke
4th 100m Breaststroke
5th 200m IM
10th 100m Fly
7th 50m Fly

Female 16 & Over 200 LC Meter Medley Relay - 3rd (Freya Sirl, Jess Chapman, Grace Soo Choon and Sophie Lewis)
Female 15 & Under 200 LC Meter Freestyle Relay - 1st (Kelly Lewis, Sarah Wilson, Hannah Morgan and Holly Isaac)
Female 15 & Under 200 LC Meter Medley Relay - 1st ( Hannah Morgan, Sarah Wilson, Kelly Lewis and Charlize Tordoff) and 2nd (Sarah Jeffcoat, Xanthe Wainui-Mackle, Lucy Farrell and Kiera Wallis)
Female 16 & Over 200 LC Meter Freestyle Relay - 1st (Jess Chapman, Freya Sirl, Grace Soo Choon and Sophie Lewis)

Group and Team Photo Schedule - Thursday 31 August

posted 30 Aug 2017, 00:35 by Jane Schilov

Photo Programme for Thurs 31 Aug 2017

Great results at WSS Gymsports Champs!

posted 28 Jun 2017, 19:24 by Jane Schilov

Dio was well represented at the recent Waikato Secondary Schools Gymsports Championships on 14th June. Well done to all who competed but in particular we would like to congratulate the following girls on their placings at the Championships:

Trampoline Grace C Women
1st - Leah Ellis

Tarmpoline Grade A Novice Women
1st - Ella Ankersmit
2nd - Kiera Wallis 

Trampoline Grade A Competitive Women
3rd - Paris Pratt-Rink

Double Mini Junior Elite Women
2nd - Paris Pratt-Rink

Double Mini Grade A Women
1st - Kiera Wallis
2nd - Ella Ankersmit

Double Mini Grade B Women
1st - Sarah Stewart

Tumbling Grade B
1st Paris Pratt-Rink

Women's Artistic Level 4
1st - Charlotte Boyd

Rhythmic Club B
1st - Joyce Hu

Dio shines at the WaiBop Duathlon

posted 8 Jun 2017, 16:17 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 8 Jun 2017, 16:25 ]

Congratulations to the following girls who dominated at the recent WaiBop Teams Duathlon held at Lake Karapiro.

1st - Lydia Ryan and Ellie Deane
2nd - Hannah Morgan and Charlize Tordoff
1st Holly Mills and Charli Herbert
2nd - Emma Barton and Lucy Farrell
3rd - Emily Carlson and Megan Spring

1st - Emily Irvine and Hannah Knighton
2nd - Georgia Bodle and McKenzie Milne

Dio Top School at NISS Swimming Champs!

posted 21 May 2017, 21:32 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 22 May 2017, 17:48 ]

After taking out the WSS Champs our swimmers have now gone one further and took out top school overall at the NISS Swimming Champs in Palmerston North last weekend. Congratulations to all of you on your outstanding results. We have highlighted top ten placings however for a full list of results then click on the link below.

14yrs and Under
Gina McCarthy 
1st - 200M Breaststroke 
1st - 200M Backstroke 
1st - Girls 400M Freestyle

Sarah Wilson
1st - 100M Breaststroke 
2nd - 200M Breaststroke 
2nd - 50M Breaststroke 
5th - 50M Butterfly

Hannah Morgan
1st - 50M Breaststroke 
2nd - 200M Backstroke
3rd - 100M Backstroke 
6th - 50M Backstroke

Charlize Tordoff
3rd - 50M Backstroke
4th - 50M Freestyle
6th - 100M Backstroke
7th - 100M Freestyle

Holly Isaac
7th - 50M Backstroke

Brooke Bigwood
7th - 200M Backstroke
8th - 50M Backstroke

Kelly Lewis
7th - 50M Butterfly
8th - 100M Freestyle

15 yrs and Over
Sophie Lewis
2nd - 100M Freestyle
2nd - 50M Freestyle
8th - 100M Breaststroke

Jess Chapman
3rd - 50M Breaststroke 
5th - 50M Freestyle 
6th -  200M Breaststroke

Grace Soo Choon 
1st - 100M Butterfly 
2nd - 50M Butterfly
2nd - 200M Backstroke
2nd - 200M Butterfly

Sarah Miller
3rd - 200M IM
3rd - 100M Fly
4th - 200M Butterfly
5th - 50M Butterfly

Katie White
5th - 100M Butterfly 
6th - 50M Butterfly
6th - 50M Freestyle

Madison Chapman
3rd - 50M Breaststroke 
6th - 50 Breastroke
8th - 50M Butterfly

Sarah Jeffcoat
7th - 200M Backstroke

Relay Teams
1st Girls 200M Freestyle Relay - Gina McCarthy, Madison Chapman, Jess Chapman and Sophie Lewis
2nd Girls 200M Freestyle Relay - Katie White, Grace Soo Choon, Sarah Miller and Charlize Tordoff
6th Girls 200M Freestyle Relay - Hannah Morgan, Kelly Lewis, Sarah Wilson and Freya Sirl
1st Girls 200M Medley Relay - Gina McCarthy, Grace Soo Choon, Sophie Lewis and Holly Isaac
2nd Girls 200M Medley Relay - Charlize Tordoff, Jess Chapman, Sarah Miller and Madison Chapman
5th Girls 200M Medley Relay - Sarah Jeffcoat, Sarah Wilson, Katie White and Brooke Bigwood

Dio swimmers make waves at the WSS swimming

posted 2 May 2017, 15:17 by Melanie Benge

Waikato Secondary Schools Swimming

Stellar results at the Aon Maadi Cup

posted 1 May 2017, 15:46 by Melanie Benge

Aon Maadi Cup

Success at NISS Athletics

posted 9 Apr 2017, 19:16 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 9 Apr 2017, 21:42 ]

The NISS Athletics Champs were held in Inglewood from 7 - 9 April and our Dio athletes who finished in the top three or four (in some events) at the Waikato Bay of Plenty Athletics Champs were selected to represent the Waikato/Bay of Plenty team at this event. We were once again blown away by how well our athletes did at this event and this was highlighted with Arden Mason winning the Intermediate Hammer with a personal best throw of 43.15 metres.

Congratulations to all of you who took part and were selected to compete at this event.  Below is a summary of our athletes achievements.

Lucy Vellenoweth

3rd - Junior Girls 300m
7th - Junior Girls 200m
16th Junior Girls Long Jump
8th Junior Girls Shot Put

Lydia Ryan
2 = Junior Girls High Jump

Scarlett Davies
10th - Junior Girls 70m Hurdles

Ele Barton
11th - Intermediate Girls 1500m

Arden Mason
1st - Intermediate Girls Hammer
10th - Intermediate Girls Discus
17th - Intermediate Girls Shot Put

Annabelle Cadogan
5th - Senior Girls 400m
8th - Senior Girls 200m
2nd - 4x100m Senior Girls
4x400m Open Girls Relay

Grace Ritchie
2nd - Senior Girls 1500m and 3000m

Cara Wynne
5th - Senior Girls 100m Hurdles

Swimmers stand out at National Age Group Champs!

posted 9 Apr 2017, 13:45 by Jane Schilov   [ updated 9 Apr 2017, 13:58 ]

At the recent National Age Group Swimming Champs in Wellington our Dio Swimmers produced some excellent results.

Hannah Morgan (Year 9,pictured above left) won the NZ National title for 12/13 year old's in the 50m breaststroke which was also the first gold medal won by Waikato and Gina McCarthy (Year 10, pictured above right) continued that success for Waikato with 2 golds and 6 silvers!

Congratulations to all of you that competed and well done to the swimmers below on your top 10 placings.

Gina McCarthy
- 7th 14 year old 100 free
- 1st 14 year old 50 breast
- 2nd 14 year old 800 free
- 5th 14 year old 100 back
- 2nd 14 year old 100 breast
- 2nd 14 year old 200 free
- 1st 14 year old 400 IM
- 2nd 14 year old 200 back
- 2nd 14 year old 400 free
- 2nd 14 year old 200 IM

Sarah Miller
- 2nd 14 year old 200 fly
- 6th 14 year old 800 free
- 9th 14 year old 50 fly
- 6th 14 year old 200 free
- 4th 14 year old 400 IM
- 3rd 14 year old 100 fly
- 5th 14 year old 400 free
- 5th 14 year old 200 IM

Sarah Wilson
- 5th 13 year old 50 breast/ 4th in NZ (visitor ahead)
- 4th 13 year old 200 breast
- 4th 13 year old 100 breast/ 3rd in NZ

Charlize Tordoff
- 4th 13 year old 50 free
- 10th 13 year old 50 back/ 9th in NZ

Hannah Morgan
- 2nd equal 13 year old 50 breast/ 1st equal in NZ
- 8th 13 year old 100 back/ 7th in NZ

Grace Soo Choon
- 4th 16 year old 200 fly
- 7th 16 year old 100 fly

Sophie Lewis
- 5th 16 year old 100 free
- 6th 16 year old 800 free
- 6th 16 year old 50 free/ 4th in NZ
- 10th 16 year old 200 free/ 9th in NZ

Holly Isaac
- 7th 14 year old 100 back
- 8th 14 year old 50 back

Jess Chapman
- 10th 17/18 year old 50 breast

Great results at WaiBop Athletics!

posted 30 Mar 2017, 13:13 by Jane Schilov

Once again our Dio athletes did us proud at the Waikato Bay of Plenty Athletics Championships which were held on Saturday 25 March. To compete at this event these girls had to qualify at Central Zone Athletics by placing in the top 6. The next stop for these athletes that placed in the top 3 (or 4th in some events) is NISS Athletics, 7-9 April in Inglewood. Well done to all who competed on your outstanding results!

Lucy Vellenoweth - 2nd in 200m, 300m, Long Jump and Shot Put
Scarlet Davies - 3rd in 70m hurdles 
Lydia Ryan - 2nd in High Jump

Arden Mason - 1st in Hammer, 2nd in Discus and 4th Shot Put 
Lucy Farrell - 4th in the 3000m
Georgia Ronowicz - 8th in 200m

Grace Richie - 1st in the 1500m and 3000m
Annabelle Cadogan - 4th in 200m, 3rd in 400m and 2nd in 800m
Cara Wynne - 2nd in 100 hurdles 
Eva Kessels - 7th in 100m

Emily Irvine - 4th in 3000m 
Libby Mansill - 9th in Discus

For a full list of results please click on the link below.

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