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Who can be a member?

Individual membership is open to all current Waikato Diocesan students and staff

How do I become a member?


Any student wanting to use the Fitness Centre as an individual during opening hours will need to become a member of DioFit. Membership involves signing up via EnrolMy (see link below). 

If you are new to the DioFit gym you will need to complete an induction before your first session. If you have been a DioFit member before, pop by and pick up your sweat towel.

DioFit Rules

  1. All members need to sign in on the allocated sign-in sheet

  2. All members need to have a towel with them to enter the gym. No towel, no workout

  3. For member use only unless prior arrangement with DioFit staff

  4. Only do exercises you are competent in, start with bodyweight, then a light load, if you are unsure ask the staff

  5. Stay hydrated! Water only in the gym

  6. Appropriate gym wear must be worn - no sprigs, cleats, or other sharp footwear

  7. Sharing is caring - 20mins max on cardio machines when it is busy

  8. Do not drop free weights on the ground

  9. Spray and wipe all equipment after use and return to the correct area

  10. Respect the gym and other gym users (use headphones, share, and clean equipment)

How much does a DioFit Membership cost?

The cost of a membership is $150 for the school year or $47.50 for a single-term membership. This cost includes a sweat towel which you must bring with you when you work out. Included in your membership is also the opportunity for movement assessments, 6wk programs, and classes.



DioFit staff:


Hi everyone, I'm Alex Douglas, the DioFit Coordinator for this year. If the gym is open I will be there!


I am all about being active in a safe and effective way that transfers to sport and everyday life. I have a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science, experience working as a personal trainer, and do a lot of rock climbing, snowboarding, social sport, and my own workouts. I am amped to be involved with Diofit and look forward to seeing you in the gym!



Opening Hours

  • Monday: 6.30-8.00am & 3.30-6pm

  • Tuesday: 6.30-8.00am & 3.30-6pm

  • Wednesday: 6.30-8.00am & 2.30-6pm

  • Thursday: 6.30-8.00am & 3.30-6pm

  • Friday: 6.30-8.00am & 3.30-5.00pm