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Principal's Welcome

At Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, we remember our roots and foundations with gratitude and reverence while looking to the future with hope and optimism.
The impressive facilities that are currently to be found on our attractive River Road site are very different from the premises of the school’s humble beginnings in 1909.

Regardless of their modest early buildings, Sonning School, and later Waikato Diocesan School for Girls, established an expectation of excellence and high standards that remain with us to this day. From the very beginning, the school sought to provide a holistic education and was committed to encouraging and supporting each student to be her very best, and to helping each to develop intellectually, socially and spiritually in order to reach her potential, and, in doing so, to give back to her family, her community and wider society.

We remain committed to challenging the learners of today and nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. We have not strayed from Bishop Cherrington’s vision for a school that reflected ‘undaunted hope’, ‘undying faith’ and ‘the courage that comes from sincere conviction’. We have now challenged and nurtured Waikato girls for more than ten decades, imbuing in them a sense of integrity and responsibility and encouraging them to believe that, if they set their minds and hearts to it, they can achieve anything.                                                   

Mary Curran