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Gear List

Year 11 Marae Experience Gear List

Please make sure you bring the following essential items. Ensure all gear fits into one bag and that all items are clearly named.

Tick off each item as you put it in your bag. Remember you are only permitted to bring 1 bag only. Everything must fit inside this bag. Anything that does not will be left at school.
  • Pens, pencil, paper, clipboard optional
  • Casual clothes – no bare shoulders or low fronts
  • Polypro or other warm clothing (optional)
  • Pyjamas
  • Warm jumper/jacket or polar fleece
  • Sport shoes/sneakers for walking
  • Shoes that can be easily removed
  • Socks – for inside and outside
  • Slippers are allowed in the Whare moe but not elsewhere (sleeping areas)
  • Plastic bag for shoes
  • Parka or shower proof jacket
  • School swimming togs 
  • Sleeping bag
  • Pillow 
  • Extra blanket (if you feel the cold)
  • Towel (x2)
  • Plastic bag for dirty washing
  • Large plastic bag to hold uniform items
  • Toiletries
  • Water bottle 
  • Container of baking (preferably in an ice cream container)
  • Earplugs optional


No I-Pods, MP3, CD players or valuables are to be taken on camp due to Marae protocol. Any student who needs to take a cell phone for a particular reason must hand this to her form teacher before leaving. Kōka will be given these for safe keeping during camp. This will be given to her at appropriate times and returned to her on arrival back at school.