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Year 10 Camp

students on top of a hill holding arms out in the wind on a blue sky day

Year 10 Camp is all about building on skills learned on Year 9 Camp, continuing to develop friendships, managing themselves and becoming more aware of the environment they live and play in. By the end of Year 10 the girls have very firms groups of friends but we challenge them to work with different people and step outside their comfort zones.

We move further away from home to Raglan where the girls experience a range of activities and develop an understanding of the risks, dangers, and opportunities that the ocean and the nearby environment offers. Culture and knowing what our role is as part of NZ history and heritage is explored as we find out more about Raglan and the people who live and work there.

Activities are mainly water-based as we are by the ocean but we also venture back inland to explore the land beneath and above the ground at Karamu.  We walk a small part of the Te Araroa walkway that stretches the length of New Zealand in the morning and then crawl underneath where we walked in the afternoon. 

At Raglan, we learn about the ocean and how to manage the risks as well as enjoy the opportunities it offers. Surfing at Ngaranui in the waves where we learn about rips and tides, kayaking across the harbour to see the black sands and amazing rock formations which are the product of water and wind erosion. Mountain Biking at Raglan Park is also a highlight of the camp. These physical activities are balanced by a session in which the culture and sustainability of Aotearoa is explored.

Our accommodation is in tents at Kopua Holiday Park - right next to the ocean - we can hear the waves lap (or crash!) as we sleep at night. In the evening we can sit on the beach and look out across the horizon, reminded of how small we are in the world but able to reflect on the part we play in maintaining it.