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My Experience of a Lifetime

Alexia Ramsey 

I had the experience of a lifetime at Roseville College.  In the five weeks I was in Sydney I learnt so much about myself and what life is like away from home as Sydney and Hamilton are such different cities. I got to experience travelling to school each day on a double decker train and was fortunate enough to experience Luna Park, a show at the Opera house, Taronga Zoo, a day at the world famous Bondi Beach, the Blue Mountains and a visit to Australian capital, Canberra. 

School, was so enjoyable and I loved waking up and wondering what each day would bring. Olivia and I were treated like celebrities; everyone was fascinated by us…. it was a cool feeling!. I met some great girls who I will be friends with for the rest of my life, the teachers were amazing and very supportive in my learning and the whole school community was so welcoming.. it reminded me of our community here at Dio. 
I was understandably a little apprehensive about my host sister and family but within the first few minutes of meeting Ruby, Camille, John and Darcy I knew it was all going to be just fine. It was wonderful to host Ruby on her return to New Zealand to to share my life as she had shared hers with me. Ruby and I have described our exchange as the worlds longest sleepover! I would recommend an exchange to all of you if the opportunity arises. From an exchange you gain confidence, independence, knowledge…. this list goes on and on.  It is important that you be yourself and have pride in who you are and what you represent as you are an ambassador for yourself, your family, Waikato Dio and New Zealand. To all the current Year 10’s,  I cherished this opportunity and would recommend you go for it!