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Exchange Everything I Imagined

Olivia Morgan

Last year I experienced five weeks on an exchange at Roseville College, Sydney.  The exchange was everything I imagined it would be and so much more. I ticked items off my bucket list, experienced Sydney at its finest and made friends that will last a lifetime.

Sydney is so much more incredible than I expected; the big city really was a huge change to the small town that I am used to (as Sydney has roughly the same population as the whole of New Zealand!).  It was amazing; I went to school on two storeyed trains and went shopping in six storeyed buildings.  I also went to Luna park, Jenolan caves, the Blue mountains, the production of the Lion King and shopping of course!

Roseville is a beautiful school, similar to Dio in many ways but also very different. The first day at Roseville sort of felt like my first day at Dio in a sense and since Cee Cee and I were in the Dio uniform while we were over there, we stuck out with our multi-coloured skirts and red ties (as you can probably imagine.) Since it  was Roseville’s first exchange they were not used to seeing people that look different, so CeeCee and I would get lots of stares but also a lot of friendly hellos, from people we had never seen before. It was also great to be taught in different ways and to experience different subjects. Other new experiences included being able to buy ice cream at the canteen and caramello koalas (sold as a fundraiser almost every day), their 12s (our yr13s) having the option of wearing mufti day every Friday and being offered options such as aquatic Zumba, Yoga and Flamenco dance classes as part of the PE programme. All in all though, the highlight of the exchange for me were the people I met and who I will never forget. Having a great host family just makes the whole experience that much better, and thankfully I was privileged to bring my host sister, Gina back with me, who after 10 weeks become like a sister to me.  
The whole experience taught me so many things, especially about my self. I can assure any student thinking of applying that you will  not regret it.  All in all, I would not change a thing about my exchange; it’s a life away from home and I will remember it for the rest of my life.