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Performance Lessons

PERFORMANCE LESSONS                           

Girls may take performance lessons during school hours and up to 4.30 pm on a rostered basis. Each lesson is for 30 minutes once a week.  Fees are charged each term, and generally reflect the market rates. Tuition fees are stated in the performance lesson enrollment form, which can be collected from outside Student Services, or from the Music Offices.  Girls may arrange facilities for practice in school and instruments may be hired from selected outlets. Some trumpets and pianos are available in the school.

Lessons available:  

  • Woodwind (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe and Bassoon, and Saxophone)

  • Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, and Double Bass)

  • Vocal

  • Piano

  • Drums

  • Bass Guitar, Guitar, Electric guitar, Bass Instruments

Direct contact between the parents and performance teachers is recommended.  Should girls wish to discontinue their lessons this must be raised directly with their teacher.

There is a separate hard copy enrollment form for these lessons, available from Student Reception and the Music Offices (or see the PDF here).