Cantiamo (Chapel) Choir


Cantiamo Choir (the Chapel Choir) performs both sacred (religious) and secular (non-religious) music.

This is an all-comers choir so anyone who has a love of singing is welcome to join.  Cantiamo Choir has a huge focus on serving the chapel and enjoyment of singing! 

Terms: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Practice times:       Monday 3.30 pm to 4.15 pm

 Cost:                      Any competition entrance fees, visiting specialist fees, or travel costs (if any)

 Uniform requirements: Black Ballet Flats, School stockings, white singlet.
Choir robe will be provided for the year (Kept at school).

Teacher in Charge: Mrs Maria Colvin

Competitions & Events:

  • House services, St Peter’s Cathedral service

2021 Important Dates:

15 Feb

First Weekly Rehearsal


08 March

House Service 


15 March

Workshop with Rowan Johnstone 9.30am-3.20pm


16 June

Big Sing WaiBOP regionals

Holy Trinity, TGA

26 July

House Service


8 August

St Peter's Cathedral service

St Peter’s Cathedral, Hamilton

30 September 

Dio Arts Showcase