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Waikato Diocesan School Arts Awards 2017

posted 26 Oct 2017, 15:11 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 26 Oct 2017, 15:19 ]

Junior Arts Honours in Dance
  • Jiorgia Newman-Jacobs
  • Emma Wood
  • Alyssa McDonald 

Junior Arts Honours in Drama

  • Rain Milne

Junior Arts Honours in Kapahaka

  • Ava Dunn
  • Jenna Foot
  • Ngarangi Mason

Junior Arts Honours in Music

  • Abigail Groves
  • Amelia Leidig
  • Charlotte O'Regan
  • Clara Lynch
  • Gina McCarthy
  • Grace Lockwood
  • Harriet Galpin
  • Isabella Reid 
  • Isabelle Groves 
  • Ishbel Eade
  • Isobel Beckitt-Goodyear
  • Lucy Thomas 
  • Megan Spring
  • Saniya Kansal
  • Tina Jiang
  • Xanthe Wainui-Mackle

Junior Arts Honours in Oratory

  • Amelia Le Comte
  • Brooke Carter
  • Carol Hu
  • Lily Ashenden 
  • Nicci Lee
  • Sankim Taing
  • Sophia Kilgour
  • Tiana Mayo
  • Zoe Clapcott

Junior Arts Honours in Performing Arts

  • Greta Glover

Junior Arts Honours in more than one discipline

Dance and Music Arts Honours 

  • Sophia Hasan-Stein
  • Music and Oratory Honours
  • Hazel Fairweather
  • Meixi Li

Music and Technical Honours

  • Maia Armistead

Senior Arts Honours in Dance

  • Caitlin Hall
  • Caitlyn Ulyatt
  • Emilie Bard 
  • Leah Slack
  • Madeline Peach 
  • Olivia Kerbers
  • Petra Walker
  • Pyper Kerr
  • Victoria Clapcott

Senior Arts Honours in Drama

  • Emily Clapcott
  • Emma Spence
  • Phoebe Bedford
  • Sydney Ensor

Senior Arts Honours in Kapa Haka

  • Chelsea Whittaker
  • Olivia Holten 
  • Tiana Thompson
  • Jaime Bayley

Senior Arts Honours in Music

  • Alexandra McLennan
  • Charli Herbert
  • Daisy Bunting
  • Elizabeth Chan
  • Eunice Koo
  • Hannah Foster
  • Jamila Milne
  • Jasmine Stewart
  • Jessica Foster 
  • Kate Chibnall
  • Kate Woolerton
  • Katherine Blow
  • Madison Troughton
  • Nazeefah Ahmed
  • Olivia van der Klip
  • Paige Landon
  • Rosie Brooking
  • Sarah Dela Rue
  • Sofia Kent
  • Tayla Johnston

Senior Arts Honours in Oratory

  • Emily Rich
  • Harper Smith
  • Joyce Hu
  • Shekinah Blaikie
  • Talia Nicol

Senior Arts Honours in Performing Arts

  • Holly Katie Rose Mills
  • Mikaela Varcoe
  • Olivia McLennan
  • Rilee Birss 
  • Samara Marsters 
  • Sarah Pyke

Senior Arts Honours in Technical Arts

  • Caitlin Walters-Freke
  • Chelsea Mexted
  • Devon Bree
  • Emma Barker 
  • Joanna Brown 

Senior Arts Honours in Visual Arts

  • Alessandra Hodson
  • Jessica Hale
  • Katy Hooker
  • Lucy Oliver 
  • Monique Paul
  • Petra Riddell

Senior Arts Honours in more than one discipline

Dance, Drama, and Music Honour

  • Kendal Scheurich

Music Technical Arts and Visual Arts

  • Jane Tian 
  • Michelle Tiang

Drama and Music Honours

  • Ashleigh Smith
  • Hannah Hittmann
  • Olivia Thomas
  • Vivi Crossland

Dance and Drama Honours 

  • Ashton McDonald
  • Sarah Booth

Dance and Performing Arts Honours 

  • Zoe Holcroft

Drama and Visual Arts Honours 

  • Natasha Coleman

Kapa Haka and Music Honours

  • Caitlin Ryan
  • Matiria Moleni

Kapa Haka and Performing Arts Honours

  • Jaquan Nin

Music and Oratory Honours

  • Grier Gardyne

Music and Technical Arts Honours

  • Chelsea Lin

Music and Visual Arts Honours

  • Emily Brook-Watt

Oratory and Technical Arts Honours

  • Day-eth Smit

Performing Arts and Visual Arts Honours

  • Eden Halley

Technical Arts and Visual Arts Honours

  • Kate Seager

High Achievers Awards (Re-awarded)

  • Charlotte O’Regan
  • Nazeefah Ahmed
GREENSLADE CUP for Senior Vocal Performance
  • Olivia Thomas
  • Jaquan Nin
  • Michelle Tiang
  • Saki Kanai (Toshi Exchange Student)
Machiatto (Katherine Blow, Vivi Crossland, Matiria Moleni, Caitlin Ryan)

McKINNON CUP for Intermediate Piano
  • Chika Ezura 
  • Elizabeth Chan
  • Marianna Kang
NANCY LIGHT MUSIC CUP for 1st place in the High Achievers' Competition
  • Marianna Kang

House Singing Awards (Re-Awarded)

DORINDA WILSON MEMORIAL CUP for excellence in choral conducting in House Singing
  • Jaquan Nin
  • Sarah Dela Rue
  • Marianna Kang
LYON AWARD for Creativity in Arrangement in House Singing Competition
  • Ashleigh Smith

Dance Awards

ABBY DUTTON CUP for Passion for Dance
  • Caitlyn Ulyatt
KERYN BAIN AWARD for Leadership in Dance
  • Olivia Kerbers

Drama Awards

PATRICIA RADICH CUP for contribution to the Performing Arts
  • Emily Clapcott
ASHLYN SMITH CUP for Service to Stagecraft
  • Kate de Lautour 
SUSAN HAYWORTH Award for best Drama performance of the year
  • Olivia Thomas (for her Solo Devised Performance)

Music Awards

ORBELL CUP for Junior Flute
  • Ishbel Eade
REID MUSIC TROPHY for Wind Instruments
  • Jane Tian
WENTWORTH CUP for Progress in Strings
  • Michelle Tiang
DEIRDRE PARR MUSIC CUP for the Advanced String Player Contributing most to School Music
  • Eunice Koo
NISBET CUP for Junior Piano - Grade 1-2
  • Petra Riddell
LA GROUW CUP for Grade 5 Piano
  • Lara Lamont
HAMILTON PIANOS CUP for excellence in music
  • Ashleigh Smith
GERALDINE ADAMS CUP for contribution to school music
  • Olivia Thomas
Music Citzenship award (prize donated by Shearers Music)
  • Hannah Foster
JANE HOLMES CUP for excellence in choral work
  • Ashleigh Smith

Visual Arts Awards

MOIRA STREET TROPHY for Contribution to Visual Art
  • Jessica Hale
PHOTOLIFE AWARD for Contribution to Document Arts at Dio (prize donated by Photolife)
  • Natasha Coleman
CAMERON AWARD for Visionary Artistic Practice
  • Greta Glover – for her Shakespeare Costume design 
GLOVER AWARD for excellence in visual art - an award created by Fred Graham for all-round excellence in Visual Art
  • Kun Ka Leger

Oratory Awards

KIM BURKHART CUP for Best Senior Debater
  • Day-eth Smit
DAY CUP FOR ORATORY winner of the senior speech competition
  • Day-eth Smit
JESSICA CHEN AWARD for most improved Junior Debater
  • Amelia Le Comte
New Debating Award
TE KAI A TE RANGATIRA - Trophy for Most Promising Junior Debater
  • Lily Ashenden
This award was named after the well-known proverb* and makes reference to the sustenance provided by a leader through knowledge and communication.
  • Upholding School values and being a role model to all members and at all times
  • Showing a commitment to Junior Debating
  • Display qualities of good sportsmanship
  • The student’s style exemplifies charisma and persuasion in order to enhance the effectiveness of their content and audience engagement
  • The student uses effective and logical arguments, presenting relevant and compelling examples, and a strong rebuttal
  • Considerations will be made based on the number of times a student has received Best Speaker wins during the Regional Debating Competition 
*   He aha te kai ō te rangatira? He Kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero (What is the food of the leader. It is knowledge. It is communication.)

New Kapa Haka Award
The ‘Rangitahi Ka Ea’ Leadership in Kapa Haka Award
  • Matiria Moleni
This award derives its name from a Ngāti Manawa proverb and is specifically linked to the Ngāti Hui marae in Murupara: Rangitahi; the home of Assistant Principal, Miss Jacqueline Smith.  Its meaning inspires our youth to have the determination and courage to achieve their goals no matter what obstacles or barriers one may face.
  • Contribution/ dedication to Kapa haka/ Ngā mahi a Te Rēhia
  • maintaining high personal standards
  • Upholding School values.
  • Having a positive impact on and being a role model to all members and at all times
  • Leadership and/or by example ie. through individual performance, commitment and/or by being a good role model
  • Showing a commitment to Kaupapa Māori.

Major Awards


  • Abby Dutton
Abby (class of 2008) has made her passion for dance into a career, when many people told her no. When many people told her to get a “real job”, she found gaps in the market and filled it.  She has developed and fostered passion for dance within so many people, including current Dio girls. She has come into the classroom to teach and choreograph specialist dances. We are so fortunate to have such a passionate and hard working Dio Old Girl who is making her own name in the world of Dance, forging new pathways, and contributing to so many future careers in dance.

WILLIAMSON AWARD for Outstanding Leadership in the Arts

  • Olivia Kerbers
Olivia has been the dance captain this year. In this role she has been coordinating the dance group and running rehearsals. She has also been reporting on student successes and promoting opportunities in dance. 
    Her responsibility in the Dance Group entailed choreography, teaching of the choreography, attendance records, organising performance opportunities and being a mentor. She also has been encouraging of other students to step up and choreograph, so much that there were 3 dance troupes within the dance group this year. She also gave up several studies over a period of time to teach one of the performance dances to the Level 1 dance class. She came prepared to do warm-ups, rehearse them for technique as well as work on their presentation and expression for the performance.
      This year for the production of Oliver! she was the dance captain helping Mrs Gould to teach and create the dances for the entire cast. She also took many young dancers under her wing to help them with the “acting” part of being in an ensemble. Living and breathing dance, her Level 3 Drama devised solo was based on Misty Copeland which you saw tonight. She always takes it upon herself to meet regularly with Mrs Gould to discuss the smooth running of the dance group.
        Olivia has consistently gone above and beyond her role as dance captain. She has been very decisive and diligent in her leadership role, she requires commitment from the girls and asks them to work at a high standard. As a leader, she models this on a weekly basis. She is considerate and compassionate and encouraging. A true role model for dance, and of a Dio student leader. 

        CREATIVITY AWARD for Outstanding Artistic Endeavour

        • Ashleigh Smith
        Ashleigh has had many individual achievements in her time here at Dio, receiving many awards
          In Year 9, General Excellence in Food Technology, plus the Junior Instrumental Cup at the High Achievers concert. She also was the co-designer of the new Chapel Choir robes. In Year 10, Receiving Music Honours and the Orbell Cup for Junior Flute. 2015 saw Y11, achieving many excellences, plus Music Honours and Academic Endeavor in Drama where she also designed the hand-drawn programme cover for the production of Passengers
            In Year 12 her involvement in Godspell, and achievements with Bel Suono, also saw her receive Music Honours, the Senior Instrumental Performance Cup at High Achievers concert, and the Lyon Award for Creativity in Arrangement with Katie Garvey at House Singing. This is the year where her compositions became noticed. She entered the Sounz Choral Composition Competition and Her composition of You are the Peace won the RSCM Composition competition and was performed by the Cantiamo Chapel Choir at St Peter’s Cathedral. 
              In Year 13, saw her tackle the much-anticipated Drama devised solo, which showcased her talent in creating original, engaging and symbolic theatre. A powerful piece. In the world of music, she formed a Barbershop quartet Ristretto which placed 2nd in the Regional competition and also received the Isotonix Quartet trophy for top Novice Quartet, and allowing them to compete at Nationals. Ashleigh once again won the Lyon Award for Creativity in Arrangement in House Singing, and her piece titled Forgotten Shores was performed by the Orchestra at last terms Arts Showcase. For this piece, she had taken into account the abilities of each of the instrumentalists, as well as the range and technical requirements of the instruments, while at the same time creating a convincing and exciting competition. She has taken great care to ensure her compositions have musical direction and tell a story.

              ARTS LAUREATE

              • Olivia Thomas
              In year 9, Olivia was involved with the Barbershop Chorus, Junior Theatre Sports, Hummingbirds, Choir, and Junior Debating. She received General Excellence in Music and also Music Honours. Her speech as the tooth fairy made the semi-finals.

              In Year 10, Olivia was once again in the Barbershop Chorus, Junior Theatre Sports, Hummingbird and the Choir, and joined the School Production of The Manhattan Taproom. She again received General excellence in Music and Music Honours, and with the Hummingbirds received the Group performance trophy at the High Achievers awards

              In Year 11, Olivia continued her excellent participation in the Chapel Choir, Barbershop Chorus, Senior Theatresports, and the Production Antigone and also joined the school Jazz Band, the Dio Orchestra, and being a founding member of Bel Suono Auditioned Choir. Her Barbershop Quartet Coco received 3rd place at the Regional competition, allowing them to compete in Nationals for the first time. She received Music and Performing Arts Honours plus Academic Excellence in NCEA Music Level 1

              Year 12, while also being in all the groups previously mentioned, and having a lead role in the School Production of Godspell. Bel Suono Choir won gold at the Australian International Music Festival, Olivia’s Barbershop Quartet Coco received 1st place in the Regional competition and the Most Improved quartet trophy. They then went on to place 2nd at the Nationals, (and the chorus Espresso placing 3rd). She was the drama captain and head chorister for the chapel and Bel Suono choirs. She received Music and Drama Honours plus the GREENSLADE CUP for Senior Vocal Performance and the NANCY LIGHT MUSIC CUP for 1st place at the High Achievers competition, as well as the Group performance trophy with Luminescence

              In Y13, she was voted by her peers to be the Arts Prefect, and the leader of the Arts Council and their portfolio. She continued to be a part of many performance groups. She performed the lead role of Nancy in the School Production of Oliver! and was someone the juniors looked up to in the cast.