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posted 29 Jun 2015, 00:23 by Georgina Hewitt   [ updated 1 Jul 2015, 18:25 by Debbie Stevens ]
For those not able to attend the Parent information evening held on Monday 29 June, the information below and attached below was provided.

About the Festival
For a video on the Australian International Music Festival please see this highlight video from the 2011 event https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tH0jF-po60c 

In order to still have our all comers/open choir, Canitamo, we will expand Bel Suono (auditioned choir) to 36 members and this will be the touring choir. Everyone wanting to be in Bel Suono (including current Bel Suono members) will need to re-audition in Term 3, with the successful applicants named by the end of August. There will need to be commitment, by way of a trip deposit (10% of trip cost) by the end of Term 3 (end of September). Rehearsals for the competition and performance package will commence in Term 4. There will also be an intensive 3 day workshop in January before Term 1 starts. 

We understand that the trip is expensive, and while we are trying to keep costs down there are a number of fundraising options that can be done to help. This does require support and leadership from parents (as well as commitment from students). If you are interested in being part of a fundraising group, please contact Georgina Hewitt ghewitt@waikatodiocesan.school.nz (Please note that any fundraising with our name needs to be approved/discussed with me prior to it taking place). Idealy we would like to do fundraising that benefits everyone attending the tour. 

Students: If you are interested in auditioning, please sign up outside Miss Hewitt's office in PMC
New Students: If you are interested in auditioning and will be new to Dio in 2016, please email ghewitt@waikatodiocesan.school.nz for more information as to how you can be a part of this!
Parents: Some parents at the meeting expressed some interest in joining the tour. If you are interested in joining the tour (at your own cost), please email your expression of interest to ghewitt@waikatodiocesan.school.nz to discuss (Note that there will only be a very limited number of spaces available).

As Maria Colvin (Choir Director) will be overseas until mid-august, for more information please contact Georgina Hewitt, Arts Administrator ghewitt@waikatodiocesan.school.nz 

Georgina Hewitt,
29 Jun 2015, 00:23