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Lord of the Flies Cancelled

posted 10 Jun 2020, 14:09 by Georgina Hewitt

The school production team has spent the last three weeks tirelessly working through the challenges of staging our production of Lord of the Flies later in the year. Despite our best efforts, we have not been able to overcome all the obstacles that Covid-19 presented. With sadness and great disappointment, we have made the decision to cancel the 2020 production of Lord of the Flies. There are many reasons behind this decision and we want to reassure the cast, band, and school whanau that we did everything we could to hold onto the production. 

Congratulations to our talented students on the incredible show that they created. This will not be known as the production that we lost, it will be known as the production that nearly was. We know that there will be questions around this decision and we have addressed some of them below.
  • We will not be bringing back Lord of the Flies in 2021.
  • The cast and band are able to use their participation in the production as part of their application for Arts Honours.
  • Please contact the School Shop ddove@wdsg.school.nz for information about ticket refunds.
I would like to acknowledge the incredible team of staff that has worked since last September to bring this production to life. The hours of work cannot be measured, nor can the amount of talent that they have brought to the organisation, music, set, costumes, props, marketing, hair/makeup and choreography in this production. Dio is very blessed to have such a passionate and gifted team of staff who make productions happen simply because they love the arts and they love giving your daughters the opportunity to be involved in something creative. 

And finally, a big thank you to our amazing sponsors: Stronglite StagingVivid Images LtdACLXDio Proprietor's Board.

Lee Armitage
Director and HoD Drama