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House Battle Competition

posted 22 Jun 2020, 21:32 by Georgina Hewitt   [ updated 28 Jun 2020, 13:55 ]

UPDATE: Official photos from the Dio House Battle event (a special COVID-19 version of House Singing for 2020) held in the All Saints Chapel, can be viewed on the link below. https://drive.gallery/share/cbr3ef

The live stream had issues with logins, but it was recorded which we hope to share more widely soon. With our traditional House Singing 2020 being cancelled due to the aftermath of COVID19, the House Leaders decided they wanted to make their legacy known and along with the House Singing team, they bring you a one off HOUSE BATTLE to be held on Friday 26 June 2020 in the All Saints Chapel.

It is similar in the fact that we are singing, and that we will rehearse during the day, but instead of performing that night in Claudelands, we are performing in the afternoon at school. Unfortunately due to space, we cannot invite parents/caregivers or whanau to the event. We are hoping to stream it live on our Facebook page and will update you if this is possible.

What will Friday look like?
There will be no classes, and it will be a mufti day in your House Colours. All that needs to be brought to school is your water bottles, lunch, and morning tea. Students will start their day by meeting in their assigned House areas where the Y13s will start to teach everyone the song. Everyone will get some time in the chapel to work out where they will sit and how they get on stage. When you are not in the chapel you are rehearsing in other venues around the school.

Lunchtime is slightly earlier at 12.20pm and will go for 30 minutes. Then form time will follow where we ask everyone to lock their bags and phones away in their form classes before heading to the chapel promptly.

If you are sick or feeling unwell on the day, please stay home and get your caregivers to contact the school regarding your absence as normal. If you are feeling unwell on the day, please let a supervising teacher know and go to the Wellness Centre.

If you have any questions, please ask your House Leader, Form Teacher, Mrs Greenslade or Miss Hewitt.

Please see the schedule below to see where your House will be at various points of the day.