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DioNews eNewsletter Issue One

posted 20 Feb 2017, 12:44 by Debbie Stevens

Arts News & Events

Oliver! Production

We are straight into rehearsals and the Oliver cast is already looking and sounding amazing. Year 9's  Ava Downey is the lead in this spectacular musical, with many other outstanding actors, dancers, singers and musicians taking supporting roles. Make sure to purchase tickets from the school shop, on sale in March. Performance dates are 8th, 10th and 11th of April at 7.00pm, with a matinee on the 9th at 2.00pm.

Play Writing Competition

Students and Staff are encouraged to get involved with our first ever play-writing competition. To participate,  email or share with Miss Armitage (larmitage@wdsg.school.nz) a one-page play by 5 May.  A number of the best plays will be selected to be performed later in the year. This competition is open to all students and staff. So why not give it a go?


Recent Competition and Exam results

Year 13 student Ashleigh Smith achieved high merit in her grade 8 flute exam.

Year 10 student Lucy Thomas received four certificates in the Te Awamutu vocal competitions in term four 2016. Lucy was placed 2nd in Song in Costume, 1st in Folk Song, and was Very Highly Commended for Own Selection and Religious Solo.

Play it Strange

Class of  2016 student Mikaela Varcoe featured on the 2016 Play It Strange CD with her original song Picture to Burn. Play it Strange gives the opportunity for secondary school students to submit original songs and have their own voices and ideas heard around the county. Mikaela says it was a great to get some professional experience and make industry contacts. 
To hear Mikaela’s song and see her music video click here 

Bel Suono Choir Camp

Our Auditioned Choir, Bel Suono, had an intensive three-day camp before school started to get to know each other, learn four new songs, and get familiar with a further two songs to be ready for performances and competitions this year. They also had tutoring from Janye Tankersley and a fun talent quest on the final night. The camp concluded with a short concert for parents and staff. It was a great few days!

 NZ Secondary Students’ Choir Selection

Izzie Reid, Year 9,  has been selected for the NZ Secondary Students’ Choir, which comprises 30 boys and 30 girls, mostly from Years 11-13. This is the first time in a decade that a student has been selected at such a young age, from 250 students who auditioned.

Culinary and Design Tour 2017

On the 11th of January, 21 students and four teachers departed Dio at 1:30am to begin the Culinary and Design tour of New York and Los Angeles. The two-week tour held plenty of highlights for everyone, some of the favourites being the fountain in Central Park, our architectural boat tour on the Hudson River, and the Top of the Rock.  Central Park in winter is very beautiful, and very, very cold, especially if you forget your gloves. 

We visited the Bethesda Fountain there, which most people will know as the fountain that Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl got married under or the fountain featured in the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. opening sequence. Needless to say, many selfies were taken with it. Another group favourite was our tour of New York’s impressive architecture, which took place on a boat travelling down the Hudson River. About an hour into the tour, it started to snow, so of course all of us ran out onto the deck of the boat to take pictures, make snowballs with the tiny amount of snow there was, and throw them at each other as hard as we could, only for them to fall apart in mid-air. 

We also went past the Statue of Liberty, cue everyone taking as many photos of the green lady as they could. One of our most favourite touristy places that we went to was the Rockefeller Center or Top of the Rock. Three very high up viewing levels and a very strange room where the lights actually follow you greeted us. Although it wasn’t the nicest day and it was rather cloudy, everyone got some fantastic photos of New York from our bird's eye view. 

In Los Angeles, we visited the Southern California Institute of Architecture, and I think everyone got a kick out of the strange shape of the building, which was only about 20m wide, and just over 400m long. All in all, the jam-packed trip held at least a few good memories for every single person, and none of us will forget it for a good long while.

Madison Troughton, Year 13