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Arts Awards 2020

posted 1 Nov 2020, 14:23 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 1 Nov 2020, 15:52 ]

Unfortunately due to the year that has been some trophies cannot be awarded as there were not enough opportunities for evidence to fit some award criteria. These awards include Debating, Culinary Fare, and some Visual Arts. 

Major Awards

  • WILLIAMSON AWARD for Outstanding Leadership in the Arts - Emma Ngawhika
  • CREATIVITY AWARD for Outstanding Artistic Endeavour  - Kimberley Blow
  • ARTS LAUREATE - Lucy Thomas

High Achievers Awards (presented earlier in the year)

  • GREENSLADE CUP for Senior Vocal Performance - Isabella Reid
  • SCURRAH CUP for Junior Piano - Rochelle Fernandes
  • WAIKATO DIOCESAN SCHOOL MUSIC CUP for Senior Piano Lara Lamont
  • WAIKATO DIOCESAN SCHOOL GROUP PERFORMANCE CUP - ‘Dio Trio”, Ashley Koo, Samara Nation, Ally Zhang
  • NANCY LIGHT MUSIC CUP for 1st place in the High Achievers competition - ‘Dio Trio”, Ashley Koo, Samara Nation, Ally Zhang

Music Awards

  • ORBELL CUP for Junior Flute - Stephanie Gutsell
  • REID MUSIC TROPHY for Wind Instruments - Lauren Aplin
  • WENTWORTH CUP for Progress in Strings - Samara Nation  
  • DEIRDRE PARR MUSIC CUP for the Advanced String Player Contributing most to School Music - Tina Jiang
  • NISBET CUP  for Junior Piano - Grade 1-2 - Rochelle Fernandes
  • LA GROUW CUP for Grade 5 Piano - Tarika Lin
  • HAMILTON PIANOS CUP for excellence in music - Lucy Thomas
  • GERALDINE ADAMS CUP for contribution to school music - Ishbel Eade
  • Music Citizenship award with the prize donated by Shearers Music - Isabella Reid
  • Stewart Cup for Spirit of Choir Singing - Abigail Groves
  • Jane Holmes Cup for excellence in choral work - Isabella Reid 

Visual Arts and Technical Arts Awards

  • MOIRA STREET TROPHY for Contribution to Visual Art - Shaleen Singh-Ark
  • PHOTOLIFE AWARD for Contribution to Media  at Dio  (with the prize donated by Photolife) - Isabelle Groves
  • CAMERON AWARD for Visionary Artistic Practice - Gemma Smith
  • Divinitus inspirata consilio (Inspired Design) - Amber Hood
  • Innovation Award - For visionary technological practice - Jade Fon
  • NEW AWARD - Digital Design Award - Innovative creator of digital solutions and computational thinking - Ella Perry

Oratory Awards

  • DAY CUP FOR ORATORY winner of the senior speech competition - Xanthe Wainui-Mackle

Performing Arts and Kapa Haka Awards

  • ABBY DUTTON CUP for Passion for Dance - Kimberly Blow
  • KERYN BAIN AWARD for Leadership in Dance - Emma Wood
  • SUSAN HAYWORTH Award for best Drama performance of the year - Megan Brown for her Year 13 Drama Solo Devised Performance 
  • ASHLYN SMITH CUP for Service to Stagecraft - Lauren Aplin
  • PATRICIA RADICH CUP for contribution to the Performing Arts - Rain Milne
  • The ‘Rangitahi Ka Ea’ Leadership in Kapa Haka Award - Emma Ngawhika
  • ‘Nanny Maringi Kete and whānau’ Kapa Haka Award - Ngarangi Mason
  • 'The Kaahu Korowai' Award  - Ngarangi Mason

Arts Honours

Junior Arts Honours in Dance
  • Sienna Casey
  • Olivia Cook
  • Hannah Crawford
  • Esther Keller
  • Claire McKelvie
  • Jessica Mealing
  • Isla Grace Palairet
  • Casabella Smith
  • Kayla Te Kani
  • Iris Wainui-Mackle  

Junior Arts Honours in Drama
  • Skyla Clarke
  • Sarita Williams
  • Vina Young

Junior Arts Honours in Kapa Haka
  • Jamie Bidois 
  • Carys Foot
  • Lani Kete
  • Hannah Ngawhika
  • Sarah Ngawhika
  • Milan Nordstrom
  • Tania Pakinga
  • Jessie Parker 
  • Lilli Parres
  • Annika Te Anga
  • Natalya Walker-Riggins

Junior Arts Honours in Music
  • Shannon Aplin 
  • Elodie Bowman
  • Meg Crawford
  • Victoria Eng
  • Jorja-Rose Griffiths
  • Keisha Joe
  • Holly Landon
  • Pippa Morgans
  • Sophie Morgans 
  • Kezia Schuitemaker
  • Abigail Strever
  • Ellena Wood

Junior Arts Honours in Oratory
  • Sarah Crowther
  • Catherine Curry
  • Brooke Manderson
  • Serenita Wijaya

Junior Arts Honours in Technical Arts
  • Ella Perry

Junior Arts Honours in Performing Arts
  • Clementine Savil 

Receiving Junior Honours in more than one category
  • Eden Bibby Dance and Oratory Honours
  • Shelby Bowater Music and Kapa Haka Honours
  • Catherine Cross Music and Oratory Honours
  • Ava Germaine Music and Dance Honours
  • Sarah Hilton Oratory and Technical Arts Honours
  • Hannah Jacobsen Music and Technical Arts Honours
  • Hannah Levin Music and Dance Honours
  • Thea Liefting Music and Drama Honours
  • Caitlin Lou Music and Technical Arts Honours
  • Niamh McCormack Music and Oratory Honours 
  • Bella Potter Music and Oratory Honours
  • Ella Ramsay Music and Dance Honours
  • Breanna Rickman Music and Oratory Honours
  • Lilly Robinson Dance and Oratory Honours
  • Sarah Teale Music and Technical Arts Honours
  • Kaitlin Thorrold Dance and Drama Honours
  • Diny Zhou Music and Oratory Honours
  • Amiria Douglas  Music, Kapa Haka, and Oratory Honours
  • Joie Lin          Music, Oratory and Visual Arts
  • Emilee Mehrtens Dance, Oratory, and Kapa Haka
  • Julia Sharratt Music, Drama and Oratory Honours

Senior Arts Honours in Dance 
  • Hyewon Kim
  • Jiorgia Newman-Jacobs
  • Chloe Thirtle 
  • Emma Wood

Senior Arts Honours in Drama
  • Zoe Courtney 
  • Abbie Moore
  • Mio Morisaki

Senior Arts Honours in Music
  • Grace Chun
  • Lexin Deng
  • Leyi Deng
  • Olivia Driscoll
  • Ishbel Eade
  • Abigail Groves
  • Emily Han
  • Tina Jiang
  • Rayhee Kim
  • Ashley Koo
  • Lara Lamont 
  • Grace Lockwood
  • Clara Lynch
  • Alexis McKinnon
  • Samara Nation
  • Isabella Reid
  • Isabelle Stiles
  • Annabelle Young
  • Ally Zhang

Senior Arts Honours in Oratory
  • Amelia Le Comte
  • Danielle Gordon
  • Carol Hu

Senior Arts Honours in Visual Arts
  • Mind Buasree
  • Harmanpreet Kaur
  • Isabelle Mellow

Senior Arts Honours in Technical Arts 
  • Sydney Bayley 
  • Amisha Chatrath
  • Emma Collier 
  • Bailee Houghton
  • Nicci Lee
  • Rosie Lloyd 
  • Renée Miller
  • Natasha Raza
  • Rosie Ryan
  • Rylee Smith

Senior Arts Honours in Kapa Haka
Jorja Challis
  • Jenna Foot
  • Isobel Goldfinch
  • Aniwaniwa Koroheke
  • Cate Marcroft
  • Ngarangi Mason
  • Emma Ngawhika
  • Haley Parker 
  • Xanthe Wainui-Mackle

Senior Arts Honours in more than one category
  • Lauren Aplin Drama and Music Honours
  • Belle Beckitt-Goodyear Drama and Music Honours
  • Kimberley Blow Drama and Dance Honours
  • Eva Donkin Music and Oratory Honours
  • Hazel Fairweather Dance and Music Honours
  • Isabelle Groves Music and Visual Arts Honours
  • Harriet Galpin Drama and Music Honours
  • Michelle Jeng Oratory and Technical Arts Honours
  • Cooper Jones Drama and Oratory Honours
  • Jordi Leather Drama and Dance Honours
  • Ameila Leidig Drama and Performing Arts Honours
  • Alyssa McDonald Drama and Dance Honours
  • Bahaar Mahal Oratory and Technical Arts Honours
  • Charlotte O’Regan Drama and Music Honours
  • Helen Park Music and Oratory Honours
  • Shaleen Singh-Ark Technical Arts and Visual Arts Honours
  • Lucy Thomas Drama and Music Honours
  • Fidella Wijaya Music and Technical Arts Honours
  • Rain Milne Music, Drama and Visual Arts Honours