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Arts Awards 2018

posted 28 Oct 2018, 19:59 by Debbie Stevens

Dance Awards  

KERYN BAIN AWARD for Leadership in Dance
Zoe Holcroft

ABBY DUTTON CUP for Passion for Dance
Sarah Booth 

Drama Awards

PATRICIA RADICH CUP for Contribution to the Performing Arts
Natasha Coleman

ASHLYN SMITH CUP for Service to Stagecraft
Josie Coombes

SUSAN HAYWORTH Award for Best Drama Performance of the Year
Maddison Leather (for her performance in this year's full school production of 'Once Was Lost') (Absent)

Visual Arts Awards 

MOIRA STREET TROPHY for Contribution to Visual Art
Emma Williams

CAMERON AWARD for Visionary Artistic Practice
Katy Hooker 

PHOTO LIFE AWARD for Contribution to Document Arts at Dio
Petra Riddell

GLOVER AWARD for excellence in visual art - an award created by Fred Graham for all-round excellence in Visual Art
Petra Riddell 

Technical Arts

NEW AWARD - Culinary Fare Trust 'Passion for Culinary Arts' Cup
This award is to be given to the student who has succeeded and shown passion in the culinary arts, culminating from the most points awarded at Culinary Fare that year. It is aimed to ensure the top Waikato Diocesan student is commended for their effort and success, and therefore is directly related to their culinary skills and not necessarily academic ability.
Emma Barker

High Achievers Awards (Re-awarded)  

GREENSLADE CUP for Senior Vocal Performance
Kendal Scheurich 

Ashley Koo

Eunice Koo

Serena Yu

Machiatto (Katherine Blow, Maia Armistead, Matiria Moleni, Caitlin Ryan)

Matiria Moleni

NANCY LIGHT MUSIC CUP for 1st place in the High Achievers Competition
Matiria Moleni

Charlotte O'Regan

Amelia Leidig

Music Awards  

ORBELL CUP for Junior Flute
Isabelle Stiles

DEIRDRE PARR MUSIC CUP for the Advanced String Player Contributing Most to School Music
Eunice Koo

REID MUSIC TROPHY for Wind Instruments
Rain Milne

Music Citzenship award (prize donated by Shearers Music)
Matiria Moleni

JANE HOLMES CUP for Excellence in Choral Work
Olivia van der Klip

HAMILTON PIANOS CUP for Excellence in Music
Isabella Reid

GERALDINE ADAMS CUP for Contribution to School Music
Caitlin Ryan

WENTWORTH CUP for Progress in Strings
Sofia Kent

NISBET CUP for Junior Piano - Grade 1-2
Harmony Shao

New Award - STEWART CUP for Spirit of Choir Singing
The Stewart Family donated this award towards the end of 2017 as a gift to the School and the Bel Suono Auditioned Choir.  The Stewart Family became fans of the Bel Suono choir when daughter Jasmine was a part of the group.  This award is given to a student in a Waikato Diocesan auditioned choir or another Waikato Diocesan School choir, who might be more behind the scenes but who encompasses the following characteristics:
  • Team spirit (most important) 
  • Hard work 
  • Vocal achievement 
  • Peer support of other junior choristers 
  • X Factor or Wow Factor 
  • Kindness and care to other choristers 
  • Behaviour and Discipline during rehearsals 
Paige Landon

Oratory Awards

JESSICA CHEN AWARD for most improved Junior Debater
Sarah Rich

TE KAI A TE RANGATIRA - Trophy for Most Promising Junior Debater
Amelia Le Comte 

KIM BURKHART CUP for Best Senior Debater
Day-eth Smit

Kapa Haka Awards

The ‘Rangitahi Ka Ea’ Leadership in Kapa Haka Award
Caitlin Ryan

New Kapa Haka Award
‘Nanny Maringi Kete and whānau’ Kapa Haka Award
Matiria Moleni
"Mā te whiritahi, ka whakatutuki ai ngā pūmanawa ā tāngata"
"Together weaving the realisation of potential"
This Whakatauki was chosen by Te Whānau Kete to represent the joining of two cultures, in particular: the student and the school under the umbrella of Kapa Haka.  The proverb makes reference to the art of weaving; an art form imbued with symbolism and embodied with Māori spiritual values and beliefs. In our context, it is only through whānau and teachers authentically working together in partnership - that student potential is truly realised, fostered and strengthened.

This award derives its name from Nanny Maringi Kete and her whānau.  Her Granddaughter, Maringi Kete, attended Dio from 2013-2017 and was our Amokura in her final year.  Nanny Maringi was an avid supporter of Kaupapa Māori in our school and in particular Kapa haka. An expert in karanga she shared her knowledge with our students through attending Kapa haka noho  Her support and expertise helped in the development of Karanga here at Te Kura Pīhopatanga o Waikato - a tīkanga or protocol that epitomises manawahine or the power of women.

  • Contribution/ dedication to Kapa haka/ Ngā mahi a Te Rēhia me Tāne Rore
  • Maintaining high personal standards
  • Upholds School values.
  • Has a positive impact on and being a role model to all members and at all times
  • Shows a commitment to Kaupapa Māori.
  • Developing and practicing the art of Karanga.


Junior Arts Honours in Dance
Michaela Greene
Alyssa McDonald
Rylee Smith
Loren Williams
Kimberly Blow
Jordan Leather

Junior Arts Honours in Kapa haka
Jorja Challis
Samantha Glenn
Aniwaniwa Koroheke
Cate Marcroft
Hannah Swann

Junior Arts Honours in Music
Breanna Davison
Harriet Galpin
Saniya Kansal
Grace Lockwood
Kate Lumsden
Tanika Naidoo
Samara Nation
Isabella Reid 
Estella Wainui-Mackle
Xanthe Wainui-Macke
Alice Watson
Annabelle Young
Isobel Beckitt-Goodyear 
Tina Jiang 
Lara Lamont  
Clara Lynch
Vaishnavi Prasad  

Junior Arts Honours in Oratory
Laura Kilbride
Amelia Le Comte
Sarah Rich
Kiara Funnell  
Carol Hu 
Nicci Lee 

Junior Arts Honours in Performing Arts
Amelia Glover 

Junior Arts Honours in more than one discipline
Dance and Music Honours
Alexandra Newman-Jacobs

Kapa Haka and Oratory Honours
Ava Brough

Music and Oratory Honours
Emily Han
Ashley Koo
Anna Lamont 
Clara McPhillips 

Senior Arts Honours in Dance
Victoria Clapcott
Pyper Kerr
Caitlyn Ulyatt
Petra Walker
Caitlin Hall  
Madeline Peach   

Senior Arts Honours in Drama
Charlotte Jones
Ashton McDonald
Olivia McLennan
Jessica Falconer  
Maddison Leather 

Senior Arts Honours in Performing Arts
Josie Coombes
Navneet Kaur
Jasmine Singh-Ark

Senior Arts Honours in Technical Arts
Caitlin Walters-Freke
Jaime Brough 
Emma Barker   
Sabina East  
Gemma Yorke  

Senior Arts Honours in Visual Arts
Shania Boldero
Ella Green
Jessica Hale
Rachel Hempstead
Katy Hooker
Monique Paul
Petra Riddell
Hannah Shearer
Laura Shute
Emma Williams

Senior Arts Honours in Kapa Haka
Yuki Omae
Tiana Thompson
Jenna Foot 
Isobel Goldfinch 
Emma Ngawhika  

Senior Arts Honours in Oratory
Anna Wilson
Joyce Hu 
Harper Smith 
Talia Nicol 

Senior Arts Honours in Music
Niamh Athy
Katherine Blow
Rosie Brooking
Kate Chibnall
Charli Herbert
Eunice Koo
Sarah Pyke
Lucy Thomas
Serena Yu
Maia Armistead  
Annaliese Fleming 
Jessica Foster
Abigail Groves  
Isabelle Groves  
Sofia Kent 
Amelia Leidig  

Senior Arts Honours in more than one discipline
Dance and Drama Honours
Jiorgia Newman-Jacobs 
Leah Slack
Sarah Booth

Dance and Technical Arts Honours
Greta Glover

Dance, Drama and Music Honours
Kendal Scheurich
Zoe Holcroft

Dance, Music and Oratory Honours
Hazel Fairweather

Drama and Music Honours
Hannah Hittmann
Paige Landon
Rain Milne
Brianna Strawbridge
Olivia van der Klip
Kate Woolerton
Charlotte O'Regan 

Drama and Visual Arts Honours
Natasha Coleman

Drama, Music and Oratory Honours
Jasmine Stewart

Drama, Music and Visual Arts Honours
Eden Halley

Kapa Haka and Music Honours
Jaime Bayley 
Samantha Browne
Ngarangi Mason
Matiria Moleni
Caitlin Ryan

Kapa Haka and Technical Arts Honours
Shaleen Singh-Ark

Music and Oratory Honours
Daisy Bunting

Music and Visual Arts Honours
Charlotte Russell 
Briar Simpson
Fyfe Nicholson 

Oratory and Technical Arts Honours
Day-eth Smit

Oratory and Performing Arts Honours
Emily Rich

Technical Arts and Visual Arts Honours
Kate Seager


Elisabeth Easther

WILLIAMSON AWARD for Outstanding Leadership in the Arts

Kendal Scheurich

CREATIVITY AWARD for Outstanding Artistic Endeavour

Petra Riddell and Natasha Coleman


Matiria Moleni