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2015 School Production Auditions

posted 22 Jan 2015, 13:57 by Georgina Hewitt   [ updated 22 Jan 2015, 16:50 by WDSG Webmaster ]


A girl who takes a stand regardless of the consequences.
A leader whose rule must be obeyed without question.
Two families caught in between.
A city divided.

This year’s school production is the Greek tragedy, ‘Antigone’ - but not quite how you imagined it.

Required cast and crew

  • Actresses with stage presence
  • A photographer/s with great flair
  • A film/media crew
  • An IT team
  • Anyone who wants to help… makeup, backstage, front of house…
For audition material, please use the following code npe0b8 to access the Google classroom site.

Auditions are on Thursday 29th January throughout the day, starting at about 9am in PMC 1 or 2.

A Booking sheet will be posted on the Drama office door if you know you can only make a specific time on that day. Please email tgould@waikatodiocesan.school.nz with a time if you cannot make it into school to put your name on the booking sheet. Everyone who auditions will need to read one of the audition speeches (found in the google classroom). You may be asked to do the speech in different ways e.g. with a different tone of voice or in a particular manner. Everyone will be asked to sing the chorus of their favourite song.

Although it is a 'straight play' we will have music and some singing in it. However, it is not a musical per se. None of the characters sing solos!! You need to be able to ACT and hold the audience's attention. All the roles below, besides Eurydice, are large roles. You will have LOTS of lines to learn! The biggest role is actually Creon who we see right through the play, followed by Antigone. The rest are fairly equal and come in different sections of the play. The Chorus will be divided up into five sections, so your lines won't be too hectic.

A synopsis of the play can be downloaded below.
Georgina Hewitt,
22 Jan 2015, 13:57