Lead Male

Male Lead Cast Member

For all male auditions you must sign up for an individual audition. You do not need to attend the audition workshop. Please email ghewitt@wdsg.school.nz to book an audition time from 11 November. 

Individual auditions will be on Monday 7 December 8.30am-3pm, Tuesday 8 December 8.30am - 3pm, Wednesday 9 December 8.30am - 11.30am. 

Please check the rehearsal schedule to ensure you can commit to the rehearsal and performance days and times. 

Before individual audition you will need to:

For your individual audition you will need to:

  • Complete a vocal  range check to show how low and high you can sing with the piano.

  • Prepare a monologue to deliver from the selection provided below (PDF). This must be performed without a script.

  • Your song and monologue must be in an American accent. 

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in. 


The character of Randall does not need to dance. However if you choose not to dance in your audition you will not be eligible for other roles. You can still audition for Randall by auditioning for a Lead Male role. 

Georgina Hewitt,
24 Sept 2020, 21:49
Georgina Hewitt,
30 Sept 2020, 18:40