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For all female auditions you must sign up for an individual audition and then also attend the audition workshop. If you are a current or incoming Dio student, your parents will be sent a link to book a time (similar to learning conferences) on 11 November.  

Individual auditions will be on Monday 7 December 8.30am-3pm, Tuesday 8 December 8.30am - 3pm, Wednesday 9 December 8.30am - 11.30am. 

The workshop audition will be on Wednesday 9 December 12Noon-3pm

Please check the rehearsal schedule to ensure you can commit to the rehearsal and performance days and times. 

Before individual audition you will need to:

  • Book your audition time from the link sent to your parents/caregivers (check junk mail!)
  • Fill out your audition form here

At the individual audition you will need to:

  • Sing the first one minute 50 seconds of “What I Was Born To Do” including Skylar and Kylar’s raps. 

    • Use this link to learn the piece What I Was Born To Do Original

    • You will need to memorise the words and you will use this backing track in your audition (without being able to see or use the karaoke words) - What I Was Born To Do backing track

    • Sheet music pg 124 and words also supplied below (PDF pack), sing from bar 1 – 55 including Skylar and Kylar’s raps 

  • Complete a vocal  range check to show how low and high you can sing with the piano.

  • Prepare a monologue to deliver from the selection provided below (PDF pack). This must be performed without a script.

  • Your song and monologue must be in an American accent.

  • Wear something you feel comfortable in. 

At the workshop audition 

  • This is a dance and cheer workshop. You do not need to prepare anything

  • Come in clothes that are appropriate and easy to move in

  • Bring a water bottle and snacks

Georgina Hewitt,
8 Nov 2020, 18:07