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2018 Production - ONCE WAS LOST

We are excited to produce a "homegrown" production in 2018.

ONCE WAS LOST - Written by Lee Armitage
A school is put into administration. The arts subjects are cut from the curriculum. A classroom is burnt to the ground. The students start to rise up. One girl, in the middle of it all, struggles to discover who she is. 

This is a story about who we are. A story about what makes us feel alive. A story that challenges us to think about how we want to be remembered.

If you had to tell the story of your name, what would you say? If you had to say, this is me, what would you describe? If you were fighting for your right to express who you are, how far would you go?

Once Was Lost is a production about identity. With a large ensemble cast, many lead roles, three languages and plentiful opportunities for actors, dancers, singers, artists and musicians, this is a production about all of us.  

The rehearsal schedule can be found here. Please email ghewitt@wdsg.school.nz for further information.


Once Was Lost - Cast List

Please email ghewitt@wdsg.school.nz for further information.

Production Term 1 Calendar 2018