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Learning Support

The role of learning support is to provide a needs-based learning support structure so that all students have an opportunity to reach their true potential. This is achieved through:
  • Provision of appropriate resources
  • Modified programmes / assessments / IEP’s
  • Small group and individual support
  • In-class support/withdrawal support

Who is eligible?

Priority is given to students who have been identified through assessment as having significant learning needs. This information is obtained from school-based assessment, contributing school information, educational psychology reports, community and caregiver information. Support is offered across the curriculum and across all year levels.

Tutoring programmes

Lunchtime tutorials
Different subject areas run tutorials at lunchtime for students. 

Peer tutoring
Senior students volunteer to tutor in a particular subject area and are matched up with junior students.

For more information about Learning Support at Dio, contact Allison Peters, Head of Learning Support