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Digital Learning

Compulsory BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

At Waikato Diocesan School, it is compulsory for students to bring an appropriate device to school (such as a tablet, Chromebook or laptop) in order to optimise the learning opportunities available.

Our eLearning@Dio booklet unpacks our rationale for becoming a compulsory BYOD school and highlights examples of powerful learning snapshots. We have chosen not to mandate a specific type of device, but instead to recommend minimum device specifications in order to maximise students’ learning experiences (please refer to the Devices and Infrastructure page in the eLearning@Dio booklet). The only suggestion that we do make, apart from meeting the minimum specifications, is that the device is one that can download Chrome as a browser to best support the use of the Google Apps for Education suite.

Charging and Storage of Devices

 Girls can access lockers that charge their devices during the day when needed; they need to bring their charging cable and a compatible padlock, which can be purchased from the School Shop. Students also have their usual allocated school locker, which requires another padlock to ensure that devices and other school materials can be stored safely when not in use.

The management and security of student devices will be the sole responsibility of the student and parents/caregivers. This includes the following considerations:
  • There is a provision in personal insurance policies to cover the device;
  • The device is kept up-to-date with antivirus software where applicable;
  • Data is regularly backed up somewhere other than on the device (e.g. onto an external hard-drive; to the cloud);
  • The user of the device will conduct themselves in a way that is appropriate, from a digital citizenship perspective;
  • Staff on site will not be available to repair malfunctioning devices.

If you would like further guidance about the benefits of specific devices to match learning needs, please contact Director of ICT, Barnaby James: bjames@wdsg.school.nz

For questions of a technical nature, please contact the IT Manager, Leslie Turfrey: (07) 8552038 ext. 2774 or email helpdesk@wdsg.school.nz

To discuss the reasons why we have chosen to become a compulsory BYOD school in greater depth, please contact Deputy Principal Julie Netzler via email in the first instance: jnetzler@wdsg.school.nz

Debbie Stevens,
27 Jan 2015, 15:01