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In accordance with the Student Career Management Competencies,  students are supported in developing the capability to self-manage their life and learning to enable them to successfully transition from school to further learning and work.  Making a decision about subjects when planning for career pathways and /or employment requires information on careers, their entry and training requirements and the opportunities they offer. A range of material is available in the careers room which is open to all year levels. Students are encouraged to seek accurate and up-to-date information from these sources.

The Careers Room has a comprehensive range of university course booklets, polytechnic prospectuses, and directories containing information about all courses available in New Zealand. University and polytechnic liaison officers visit the school to give general course advice and students are encouraged to attend their open days, careers events and information evenings.

Year 9 and 10 have two career sessions per form class in which they begin to look at their personal qualities, their interests, subject strengths and where they might best fit in society and the workforce. Each Year 12 and 13 are also timetabled for sessions in life skills where they are helped to prepare and develop strategies in their career research and pathways planning.

Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR)

The STAR is funding provided to all state Secondary Schools to help students decide what they want to do when they leave school. This gives students access to a wide range of courses which will motivate them to achieve and help to make informed decisions about their future.

There are many opportunities available to Dio students, ranging from one day short courses through to University papers.  One day courses are beneficial to students who may be unsure of their career path whereas University papers are designed to challenge Year 13 students academically in preparation for future learning.

Most Wintec short courses are offered to Years 10-13 students with the opportunity to try up to three courses during the year.