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Uniform Requirements & Price List

Introducing our new Waikato Diocesan School uniform

From 2016, Waikato Diocesan School for Girls will have a new uniform. It is an exciting time for us all as we move to phase in our new uniform over a two-year period.  You will find pictures of these new garments by clicking on the PDFs at the bottom of this page.

Our school uniform and the way it is worn is representative of the culture of our school and instils a sense of identity and belonging. We expect our students to maintain a high standard of dress and grooming when travelling to and from school, participating in field trips, at events, and when representing Dio in the community.  

A great deal of time and effort has been invested over 15 months reviewing our current uniform with a view to improving the presentation of our students across all year levels. We have listened to and taken on board comments from our students and parents/whanau who have expressed dissatisfaction with the fit and quality of many current uniform items. There has also been concern around the expense of purchasing a new uniform in Year 13 which is only worn for one year.

Our current year 9 and year 10 students will continue wearing their current uniform until they enter year 12, at which time they will purchase the senior uniform.

In order to maximise its use, we encourage Year 11 students to purchase the new senior uniform as they move into Year 12 in 2016. *Please note that all students in this year group are required to wear the new senior uniform as Year 13 students in 2017.

Although we encourage our Year 13 students to wear the new senior uniform in 2016, students may also wear their current year 12 uniform for the reminder of their time at Dio.
YEAR GROUP                                 UNIFORM REQUIRED
Year 9  2016                                     New Waikato Diocesan School uniform
Year 10 2016                                        Current Dio uniform – no change
Year 11 2016                                        Current Dio uniform – no change
Year 12 2016                                     New Senior uniform OR current Dio uniform
Year 13 2016                                     New Senior uniform OR current Dio uniform

Q. Can we purchase bits of the new uniform, i.e. the new blazer, and wear it with the current uniform?
A. No, the new 2016 Waikato Diocesan School uniform must be worn in its entirety.
Q. Who is the supplier of the new uniform?
A. Uniform Group in Auckland
Q. What fabrics have been used in the blazer, blouses and skirts?
  • Blazer: 55% polyester & 45% wool 
  • Blouses: 65% polyester & 35% cotton
  • Red senior skirt: 55% polyester & 45% wool 
  • Tartan skirt: 55% polyester & 45% wool 
  • Jersey: 80% wool & 20% nylon
Q. Who was consulted as part of the uniform changeover?
A. Students from all year groups have been involved in the consultation process. We have also consulted with members of staff and our parent representatives on our Board of Trustees and Proprietor’s Board, along with members of our School Association.
Q. Where will we be able to purchase/order uniform items?
A. Our school shop is the exclusive stockist of the Dio school uniform.  The shop is located at the southern end of the Sports Education Centre on the ground floor.  Visitor parking is available in the Martin Street car park behind the school shop.

Q. When will we be able to order the uniform?
A. We know from experience that it is important for a student to feel comfortable in their uniform. Therefore, all students need to register for a complete uniform fitting appointment at the school shop during the following times:
  • New Year 9 2016 students - fittings between 18 January and 28 January 2016
  • Years 12 & 13 2016 students – fittings between 10 November and 27 November 2015
Fittings will take no longer than 30 minutes. Please contact Debra Dove (shop manager) on 07-855-2038 extn 2766 or by email to book your appointment.
Q. Is this going to cost me more than the old uniform?
A. As a result of better quality fabrics, some items will be individually more expensive, but we have managed to keep the costs consistent with the old uniform. Please see complete price-list by clicking on the link below. 
Q. I’ve only just purchased a new uniform for my Year 9 daughter. Will I now have to pay for another one?
A. Our current Year 9 & Year 10 students will not be affected by this change until they move into Year 12.

Q. Can I see a sample of the uniform?
A. We are currently waiting for samples to arrive. These will be displayed in the school shop. We will notify our community once these are received
Q. Why did we keep the tartan?
A. The tartan is a point of difference to other schools in our area and is also about us keeping true to our school heritage.
Q. Do we have to buy the tracksuit?
A. The tracksuit is compulsory for all students involved in sport.  New students  in 2016  must purchase the new school tracksuit.  Those students already attending Dio and who own our current school tracksuit may continue to wear this item until it needs replacing.   

Q. Do we have to buy the hoodie?
A. The hoodie is a compulsory item for all new students. The hoodie can also be worn as an item of P.E. gear. New students in 2016 must purchase the new school hoodie. Those students already attending Dio and who own our current hoodie may continue to wear this item until it needs replacing. Current students who do not own a hoodie and have no need for one are not required to purchase this item. 
Q. How will we be able to distinguish a Year 13 student from a Year 12 student if they have the same uniform?
A. Year 13 will wear a special Year 13 tie. Year 11 and Year 12 students will wear the same senior tie. This is the only additional uniform item that will need to be purchased at Year 13 level.
Q. Will the shop still be offering a second-hand uniform service?
A. We hope that our 2016 Year 13s will take the opportunity to sell their uniforms back to Dio at the end of the school year. Offering a second-hand uniform service to our community is very important to us and is also a great way for parents/caregivers to recover some of the uniform costs.
Q. Are you going to replace/introduce other uniform items in the future?
We plan to review our sports uniform over the next year - the restyled tracksuit is the first part of this process. We also plan to look at the development of a performance uniform for students involved in the Arts.

More questions? Please email