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Traffic Safety on Campus

posted 28 Jun 2017, 13:55 by Debbie Stevens
Thank you to the majority of our school community who respect the traffic management plan introduced this year. Unfortunately, we are still dealing with some drivers who continuously break the law, putting the safety of our students and staff at risk.

A reminder that there is a designated pick-up and drop-off zone for parents in place at Gate 3 (Martin Street). Parents/caregivers must use the blue-lined drop-off/pick-up and parking zone. There is absolutely no stopping permitted on the dotted yellow line areas and bus bay, including in front of the green bollards. Vehicles stopping in this zone block others from turning and impede the flow of traffic creating a hazard for pedestrians.

The maximum speed limit on school grounds is 15kph max. Raised pedestrian crossings and speed humps have been introduced as active speed control measures.   We have observed a number of vehicles travelling well in excess of 15kph through the Gate 3 entrance.
Can we please ask that families:
  • Be patient and adhere to our limited speed zone on campus. We appreciate that the Gate 3 parking area can become very congested at peak times but we appreciate your cooperation.
  • Move to the end of the drop-off zone and fill up these parks to avoid delaying the traffic by waiting at the start. 
  • Do not drop off or pick up students outside the allocated areas e.g. by blocking a through road
  • Listen and be kind to our staff who are out there helping to keep your daughters safe.
Our main priority is for the safety of our students. It would be disappointing if we had to remove access to the school grounds for drop-offs and pick-ups because of the dangerous driving of a few.

Thank you for supporting us in keeping our school campus safe.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Traffic Management Plan, please contact our Acting Principal, Julie Netzler.