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Our Rāhui Online School

posted 9 Apr 2020, 00:57 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 9 Apr 2020, 01:01 ]
Dear Whanau

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted our lives in so many ways that it seems everything we have previously known has been upended. From being unable to attend places of employment and education, to the postponement or cancellation of sporting events and concerts, we have become increasingly isolated from what was, just a short time ago, our normal daily routine. Yet, in the big scheme of things, these personal sacrifices are unimportant compared with the only thing that really matters: our own health and that of our family and friends. 


Educationally speaking, we are about to enter uncharted waters. With the support of our Boards, our staff are as ready as they can be to meet the pedagogical challenges that may lie ahead. We are ready to continue delivering high quality teaching and learning to our girls. I have full faith in our technology support and, should a ‘snag’ arise, we will do our best to navigate our way around it.

Our kura is built on a strong vision and values and these will continue to support us through the uncharted waters ahead. Our number one goal is the wellbeing of everyone. Everything that is necessary for good teaching and learning will fall from this.

Our broad aim is to do our best to ensure that the routines and the daily, weekly and term calendars run as normal.

All the same systems and infrastructure will be in place and the only difference will be that we will be communicating virtually.  Each of the Deputy Principals will expand on how this will look through the rest of this document.

As Perry Rush, Chairperson of the Principal’s Federation recently said in a correspondence, “Let’s keep it real, be courageous and remember that our national education system is engaging in remote schooling for the first time ever. That is no small thing.”

I know that you will support our staff as they embark on delivering the same curriculum in new ways to your daughters.

Our waka is strong and will continue to be strong as we work together to ensure that we support our beautiful young women to be the very best that they can be, through these challenging times.

God Bless and I’m here anytime that you might need me.

Mary Curran



Normal timetabled lessons will begin for students online on Wednesday 15 April. We understand that this is a time of transition for everyone involved, and as such, we encourage you and your daughter to keep the lines of communication open with teachers and the relevant staff. 

Please refer to this school website link for more information about what school will look like during this time and for contact information if you require further support with any aspect of your daughter’s learning or wellbeing.  


Now that we are at home and accessibility to doctors is more readily available via digital platforms such as email and zoom, submission of a medical certificate is again required as evidence to submit missed assessments or be provided with additional time due to sickness.  Please email a copy of your daughter’s medical certificate to your daughter’s subject teacher and Miss Smith


Given our current nationwide lockdown and the uncertainty about the potential circumstances of what our physical return to school may look like, the Term 2 - Years 9 and 10 Learning Conferences are still cancelled.

Also, given the difficulty for teachers to monitor learning online the same way that they can under normal circumstances, the Term 2 - Week 4 and Week 8 Engagement Reports, and the Years 9 and 10 Mid-Year Reports will still not be available.


During this time of uncertainty, the wellbeing of our students continues to remain our top priority. Please find below contact details of staff who will be able to help, should you have any concerns around your daughter’s wellbeing or her need for any pastoral support:

Year 13 Dean   Catherine Brown

Year 12 Dean  Victoria Wolfe  

Year 11 Dean Joanne Munn  

Year 10 Dean  Chris Atkinson  

Year 9 Dean  Grainne O’Mahony

International Dean Joanne Monney

Counsellor Louise Simich   

Counsellor Robin Clarke  

DP- Wellbeing   Theresa Miller  

The main suggestions for ensuring that your daughter is stress-free during the lockdown period are as follows:

  1. Doing some type of physical activity each day - walk, dance, cleaning, etc

  2. Staying connected with others through social media

  3. Relaxation - ensuring time each day to just relax and do something that makes them feel good

  4. Eating healthy

  5. Being positive and having a laugh.

Student leaders and sports and arts councils will make contact with all the girls with activities in which they can participate, should they wish to. It is a great way to ensure all students stay connected. 

We hope that you are enjoying having time with your daughters. If there is anything we can do to support you, please let us know.


We feel that it is important to stay connected and to keep to things as normal as possible. To this end, we will have Chapel on a Monday and Assembly on a Friday, as per our regular timetable.


Assembly: Staff and student leaders will continue to use this forum to share notices and important information with students. The end result is a colourful and positive powerpoint that is co-constructed by the school community. 

Chapel: The Chapel Team will continue with weekly services. Archbishop Sir David Moxon, Rev Venerable Stephen Black and The Very Rev Wendy Scott (Dean of the Cathedral) will continue to support and share messages with our school community. The Chapel Team is available should students need any questions answered, have prayer requests, or need spiritual guidance. Please contact for further information.

Google Calendar: The calendar will be updated weekly as at this time we cannot predict what will happen towards the end of April and beyond.