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Important Information Regarding Canteen Purchases from Term 4

posted 16 Sept 2018, 19:30 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 16 Sept 2018, 19:30 ]

From the start of term 4, the Monitor system will be used by students purchasing food from the school canteen.
Monitor allows parents to load funds on to their daughter’s student identity card, which can then be used to pay for certain items at school.  Each identity card will hold a canteen account and a photocopying account.   

What is My Monitor?

My Monitor is the website through which parents can:
  • instantly add value to their daughter's Monitor accounts by credit card or bank to bank transfer
  • transfer value between accounts (from one daughter to another, or from the canteen to copying)
  • view transaction reports
  • manage their accounts and enable regular reporting and reminders.
The My Monitor website will be activated in early October.  At that time you will be sent detailed instructions on how to access and use My Monitor. Students will have their own My Monitor screen through which they will be able to view their account balances, but they will not be able to add value to the accounts.

Canteen Accounts

In the past students have purchased food from the canteen by swiping their student identity card. The purchases were charged to the family’s school account each month.

Problems with the current system include:
  • Detailed printouts are not available unless requested
  • Overspending by students at the canteen
  • No transparency or control for the parents
From the start of next term, canteen purchases will no longer be charged to family’s school accounts.  Parents will need to top up their daughter’s canteen account with at least $20.00 (and up to $500.00) before any canteen purchases can be made.  This can be done online using My Monitor.

Monitor places control in the hands of parents, who can tailor it to suit their family needs: 
  • At any time you can log in to My Monitor and view a detailed report of your daughter’s canteen spending
  • You can set daily or weekly limits for your daughter’s canteen spending
  • You can arrange for reports on your daughter’s canteen spending to be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly if you wish
  • You can arrange for automated emails to remind you to top up the account when a balance falls to a certain level.
If there is a balance remaining on the account at the end of the year:
  • Balances for returning students will be transferred to their new identity card for the following year
  • Balances of more than $10.00 for leaving students will be transferred to the family account.  Family accounts with credit balances will be paid out in February of the following year.
  • Balances of less than $10.00 will be retained and donated to the school charity unless a refund is requested by February of the following year.

    Photocopying Accounts

    Monitor has already been in use for some time for printing and copying.  Every student has a $40.00 copying quota loaded on to her ID card at the start of the school year.  There is no charge for this. Students draw down on their quota by swiping their card each time they need to use a school printer or copier.  Most girls do not exceed their quota during the year.  Those who do need to receive a top up so that they can continue to use school printers and copiers.  In the past, this has been done by charging the family’s school account.   From the start of term 4, parents will be able to top up their daughter’s copying account instantly by using My Monitor.

    *Please note that because we are starting to use Monitor in Term 4, your daughter’s initial copying quota will be less than the $40.00 she received at the start of the year.

    School Contacts

    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Rae Francis or Mrs Sara Kimpton in the school finance office -  phone (07) 855 2038 or email