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Dio Swimming Sports 2019

posted 10 Feb 2019, 18:19 by Debbie Stevens
In 1932, Dio swimming took place in a makeshift pool in the Waikato River!

Waikato Diocesan School Swimming Sports takes place this Wednesday, 13 February.  Parents/grandparents/whaanau are very welcome to join us under the shade cloths in the school pool area. The first event, House Mania, kicks off at 11.00am. The timetable of events can be viewed below.

Brave parents are invited to take part in the parent vs staff vs senior girls relay at the end of the day. Please bring your togs and get involved.

All students are expected to attend unless prior leave has been applied for and granted by our Deputy Principal, Miss Smith. 

If your daughter has an unanticipated illness or an urgent situation arises on the day, please ring the school absence line 07 855 2038 or email giving a valid reason for our records.

In the unlikely event that swimming sports are cancelled, students will go back to class for a normal school day.

For a timetable of events, click here.