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School Notifications

Teacher Strike Action - what you need to know

posted 21 May 2019, 20:06 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

As communicated in Friday's DioNews and via a web email on Monday, the PPTA has advised the Board of Trustees of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls that teachers at our school will be taking strike action on Wednesday, 29 May 2019.  
The PPTA has also advised of other proposed strike action, which includes rostering home and regional strikes. 

Upcoming Strike Action

  • 1st Action - Strike (confirmed) - Wednesday 29th May (24hrs)
  • 2nd Action - Rostering Home (not confirmed) *Rostering Home is when no formal instruction is provided for a specified year level. 
- Year 9 - Tuesday 4th June       
- Year 10 - Tuesday 11th June  
- Year 11- Tuesday 25th June  
- Year 12 - Tuesday 2nd July 
  • 3rd Action - Rolling Strikes (not confirmed) - Waikato/Taranaki/Central Plateau/WBOP - Tuesday 18th June
Under the Employment Relations Act, unions are required to give three days’ notice of a strike so formal notice will be provided to the board in accordance with that timeframe. We will then communicate this to our wider community. Should the rostering home and rolling action proceed, we will offer supervised study to those students who are unable to make alternative arrangements for care.  

I appreciate that this strike action may be an inconvenience for parents and students alike and thank you for your assistance.  
Mary Curran

Strike Action on Wednesday 29 May

posted 19 May 2019, 17:50 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls   [ updated 19 May 2019, 17:51 ]

Dear Parents and Caregivers
The PPTA has advised the Board of Trustees of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls that teachers at our school will be taking strike action on Wednesday, 29 May 2019
After careful consideration, the Board has decided that, due to the unavailability of teaching staff, it would be impracticable for the school to remain open for formal instruction on the day of the proposed strike.  However, we will offer supervised study to those students who are unable to make alternative arrangements for care. Please ring Student Services (ext. 2755) to notify us by Tuesday, 28 May if your daughter will be in attendance the following day.
Boarders who remain at school will be supervised in the day school during school hours (8.30am - 3.30pm). Leave requests for boarders during this time, will need to be submitted to the respective House Parent via Boardingware, as per normal. 
It may be helpful to note that Wednesday 29 May is the Teacher Strike Day, Thursday 30 May is a normal school day, Friday 31 May is a pre-planned Teacher Only Day/ Exeat and Monday 3 June is a public holiday.
I appreciate that this strike closure may be an inconvenience for parents and students alike and thank you for your assistance.  Please contact me if you have any questions relating to the Board’s decision.
Yours sincerely

Mary Curran

Cross-country is this Thursday

posted 6 May 2019, 16:10 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls   [ updated 6 May 2019, 16:10 ]

This Thursday (9 May), we will be holding our annual school cross-country. This event will take place at Days Park, River Road, Hamilton. We warmly invite our Dio whānau to come and support their daughters/ granddaughters.

Students not participating in cross-country are to meet Mrs Bothwell in the lecture theatre. Please bring your medical certificate. 

Please note: If the weather is inclement on the day, a call will be made late morning to cancel or postpone the event. Students should come to school prepared for their afternoon classes just in case. 

If you have any questions regarding the cross-country organisation, please contact Mark Cornaga -

School 2019 Board of Trustee Elections

posted 2 May 2019, 20:41 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Canterbury Education Services (CES) are providing Board of Trustee (BOT) election services for our school in the forthcoming BOT elections. 
We are now calling for nominations to become members of the Board of Trustees. Key dates are as follows:
  • By Friday 10 May Nomination forms will be posted to all persons on the school’s caregiver roll (many of you will have already received yours)
  • Friday 24 May (12 noon):  Nominations close. An election will then be held if the number of nominations exceeds vacancies. For our school, the number of parent vacancies is six.
  • Wednesday 29 MayVoting papers will be sent by post to everyone on the school caregiver roll. 
  • Friday 7 JuneVoting closes at 12 noon.
  • Thursday 13 JuneVotes are counted, and your School advised of the results.
  • Friday 14 June: New Board takes office
A copy of the parent/caregiver Electoral Roll is in Reception and available for inspection until noon on Wednesday 8 May.

Anglican Missions Relief Appeal

posted 17 Mar 2019, 15:21 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Dear Dio family


On behalf of the Anglican Church of Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, and Churches within the worldwide Anglican Communion, Anglican Missions is preparing to launch a Relief appeal in support of victims and families affected by the mosque shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand on Friday 15th March 2019.


Archbishops Philip Richardson and Don Tamihere, joint leaders of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand issued a joint statement:


"We are shocked at the appalling and horrific acts of violence that occurred in Christchurch today.


We feel utterly saddened for those who have lost their lives, and for their families and loved ones who mourn them. Indeed we mourn with them as fellow citizens and members of the same human whānau, and we condemn the despicable and cowardly acts of violence that took their lives.


The freedom of worship and religious life is an absolute right to all in this land. We choose to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters and support their continued and inalienable right to live and worship here in peace.


All of us who live here in Aotearoa New Zealand must stand in solidarity in the face of such evil – and we call upon Anglicans throughout Aotearoa New Zealand to uphold all those affected in prayer, and to respond to this act by rejecting the rhetoric of hatred and religious intolerance, and to show compassion and kindness to all our neighbours who wish to live here in peace.”


We have been shielded in Aotearoa New Zealand from so much of the religious hatred and bigotry that stalks the world. But yesterday that innocence and immunity was shattered.


Anglican Missions joins with Christians across the globe in condemning this terrorist act. Please join us in praying  for God’s comfort for the families, friends, and communities who lost loved ones; for wisdom for our national and local leaders as they respond; for peace and calm and for no further incidents or retaliations; for the police, emergency responders, chaplains and health professionals at the hospitals dealing with survivors; for wisdom and sensitivity towards our Muslim brothers and sisters; and for church communities as they respond - especially in Christchurch. 


Anglican Missions is in discussions with church and community leaders, and will launch an appeal more formally with more definitive information early next week. 



In the meantime, donations can be sent to Anglican Missions in support of the Relief Appeal, or online to


Rev Canon Robert Kereopa

CEO Anglican Missions.

Easter Baskets 2019

posted 14 Mar 2019, 19:11 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

The making and delivery of Easter Baskets to rest homes is a very special tradition here at Dio. Every year, hundreds of Dio girls assemble and donate Easter Baskets which are then delivered to local rest home residents by Year 13 students.

Girls are awarded House points for every basket made with a prize for the form class with the most Easter baskets.
We ask for chocolate egg baskets and also Diabetic options, which might include soaps, hankies, hand cream, tea, socks, and handwritten notes.
The deadline for baskets to be delivered to form classes is Friday 29 March.

Dio encourages its students to be involved in social services initiatives, knowing that, with willing minds and hearts, we can all make a difference. Through this involvement and awareness, students are developing the moral foundations for good citizenship.

Thank you for supporting this important Dio tradition.

Waikato Diocesan School Association AGM - 12 March 2019

posted 7 Mar 2019, 17:07 by Megan Udy   [ updated 7 Mar 2019, 17:08 ]

On behalf of Waikato Diocesan School Association, we invite you to attend the Annual General Meeting.

When: 6.30pm Tuesday 12th March 2019 (followed by a general meeting of the committee)
Where: Community Relations Centre (behind the Sports Education Centre)

The agenda will include an election of Officers of the Executive. Nominations for the positions mentioned below can be sent to the Dio School Association Secretary:
  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Stock Scheme representative
  • Boarder Parent Representative

Valued Board Chair Steps Down

posted 4 Mar 2019, 17:48 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls   [ updated 4 Mar 2019, 18:16 ]


A ten-year association with Waikato Diocesan School for Girls has come to an end with the resignation of Board of Trustees Chair, Lynette Pearks. A qualified Chartered Accountant with 25 plus years’ experience in general accounting and taxation, Lynette was co-opted to the Board of Trustees at the beginning of 2009 to fill a vacancy. At the elections in 2010, she was elected as a Parent Representative. She took up the role of Chair following the Trustee elections in June 2013, the same year her daughters, Nicole and Danielle, graduated from Dio. Throughout her time on the Board, she has been a member of the Finance Committee and has also been involved on Personnel and Discipline committees. Lynette will remain on the Board and Finance Committee until the Board of Trustees triennial elections in June.

The interim new Board Chair, Dan Moore (previously Deputy Chair), was elected as a Parent Representative in 2016. Dan is a commercial lawyer and partner at Norris Ward McKinnon. He and his wife, Sue, have two daughters currently at Dio, in Years 10 and 12.

Pat Peoples has been announced as interim Deputy Chair. Pat was co-opted to the Board of Trustees in May 2018 and is the Board's representative on the Property Planning Group. Pat is Managing Director/CEO of Schick Civil Construction and also currently serves as Chair of the Board of Trustees of St Joseph's School, Fairfield. He and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters at Dio, in Years 9 and 12.

Both these appointments are in place until the new Board is elected in June.

The Board of Trustees triennial elections are to be held in June 2019 and further information will be communicated closer to the time. The New Zealand School Trustees Association encourages parent and whanau participation on school boards in order to help shape and support the education of their children. They have rolled out the Korari Programme for anyone interested in finding out about standing for the school board elections and having a say in the education of their children. 

Dio Chapel Services 2019

posted 3 Mar 2019, 19:14 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Dio Athletics Day - 21 February

posted 18 Feb 2019, 19:55 by Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Dio Athletics Day 2019

Thursday 21 February - 8.25am to 3.15pm
Porritt Stadium, Crosby Rd, Hamilton

Important Information

  • Roll check (in Houses) is at 8.25am at Porritt Stadium. Ask your parents or caregivers to deliver you to Porritt Stadium, Crosby Road  (bus pupils see below). If you bike to school, then go directly to Porritt.
  • Boarders meet at the gym at 8.00am to catch the bus to Porritt Stadium. You will be transported back to school at the end of the day.
  • The first event (3000m) starts at 8.30am. Everyone is then expected to complete the House fun walk as a warm-up. This is not a championship event. Times and records will not be kept and House points do not count for this event. If you are a competitive race walker, please let Mr Cornaga know if you are interested in competing at Zone or Waikato Championships.
  • You must wear correct PE uniform. House singlets may be worn. Items of mufti are not permitted. Do not wear face paint, flowers, balloons, tinsel, or feather items of clothing. This is a Hamilton City Council rule. Please check the weather forecast. You may need extra clothing.
  • You are strongly advised to wear shoes - especially for the longer track events e.g. 200m,400m. If you do not wear shoes, expect blisters. Please be prepared. The nurse at first aid would prefer not to be treating blisters when you could have taken preventative action.
  • Track events have precedence over field events. That means, report to your field event and register your name, then go immediately to your track event and take part, then return to your field event. If you are a serious competitor make sure you are in the first 2-4 heats which will be timed.
  • Field events: If you want to compete then you must be ready to compete at the event start time on the programme. You have a maximum of three jumps or throws (except for high jump). You get a point for your House by exceeding the House Point Standard. If you are happy with that you can finish there. If you are a serious competitor, a Measuring Standard will be even further. Everyone who exceeds the Measuring Standard will have their jump or throw measured for the Championship.
  • You may not leave until the grounds are tidy and you have been dismissed. This will be between 3.00 - 3.15pm, after your roll check. After the sports day, staff will supervise students waiting to be collected by parents or family members at the entrance to Porritt Stadium on Crosby Road. Please organise to be picked up by 3.30pm at the latest.
  • Be prepared for a hot sunny day. Bring sunblock, hats, sunglasses, drink bottles with iced water, and snack food. Make sure you keep fluids up as you are going to be active.  Stay in the shade when not competing.
  • Programmes will be given out on the day, posted in your form class and on the sports noticeboard. A link to the programme is posted above
  • Parents/caregivers/whaanau are most welcome to join us at Porritt Stadium.
  • The Student Council and Mission Council are running a sausage sizzle and will be also be selling ice creams, drinks and snack foods  - so bring some coins. 


If the weather is looking doubtful, we will send out a whole school email postponement notification. This will also be posted to the school Facebook page. If postponed, please come to school prepared for a normal school day. 

Athletic Sports Bus/Transport

Te Awamutu, Cambridge/ bus: students will be dropped off at and collected from Porritt Stadium.

Morrinsville bus: students will be dropped off at Porritt Stadium in the morning in time for roll call. When the Athletics Day has finished at approximately 3.00 pm, these students will be amongst the first students to be transported back to Dio to catch their bus via a chartered Turley Motors bus or the school mini van.

Huntly, Ngaruawahia, Raglan, Matangi/Gordonton/Puketaha, Horotiu/Horsham Downs, Whitikahu/Orini students will come to school on their respective bus runs as normal. They will then board a Turley Motors chartered bus which will depart from outside the Dio Gym by 8.20 am. This bus will transport the girls to the stadium and also return them to school in the afternoon for them to catch their buses home. This bus will depart Porritt Stadium at approximately 3.10 pm.

Any further questions regarding Athletics Day should be sent to Mark Cornaga, Director of Sport:

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