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New Dio Chaplain Appointed

posted 25 Sept 2016, 21:13 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 26 Sept 2016, 17:12 ]
Reverend Jacqui Paterson has been announced as Dio's new school chaplain and 
will officially take up the role in January 2017. The chaplain’s role is fundamental in the school's Anglican community and Principal Vicky McLennan says that we are very grateful to have found someone so well qualified to lead our worship and walk alongside our girls in their spiritual journeys. 

Reverend Jacqui is currently the chaplain at St Mary’s School in Stratford and has been a primary teacher and principal in the past.  Born and raised in Invercargill, she attended Dunedin Teacher’s College where she trained as a primary school teacher.  After graduating, she married Craig, and over the next fifteen years taught in various locations in the South Island, produced two sons, Nick and Tom, and gained experience as both a deputy principal and a principal.   Reverend Jacqui also had a foray into professional drama and journalism during this period.

In 1999, the Paterson family headed to Auckland where Jacqui  had the opportunity to spend three years preparing to be an Anglican Priest, along with gaining a degree in Theology. Since joining the clergy, she has spent fifteen years working in Anglican Churches in both the Christchurch Diocese and Taranaki Bishopric as a vicar, both a College of Education and a school chaplain, an Archdeacon and a change manager.

Reverend Paterson says that it seems rather fortuitous to now be combining the two strands of her professional life together in a full-time school chaplaincy role.  

"I feel hopeful that I have much to give (as well as lots to learn) within your school environment." 

Dio will celebrate Reverend Jacqui's installation at our combined junior and senior carol service on Sunday 11 December.