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Dio Students Excel in ICAS Competitions

posted 12 Oct 2016, 18:48 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 13 Oct 2016, 11:52 ]
The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. ICAS is unique, being the most comprehensive generally available suite of academic assessments for primary and secondary school students.

Congratulations to the following students who were awarded Distinction and High Distinction in the competitions.

ICAS Science

Distinction Top 15% in NZ, Australia, and Pacific region
  • Meixi Li
  • Megan Spring
  • Aliyah Thotathil
  • Emma McKay
  • Holly Mills
  • Fyfe Nicholson
  • Talia Nicol
  • Abby Payne
  • Sarah Pitts
  • Georgia Taylor
  • Anna Wilson
  • Su A Kim
  • Nikita Lyons

High Distinction Top 1% in NZ, Australia, and Pacific region
  • Alice Cao

ICAS English

Fifty-eight students competed in the ICAS English competition in August this year. Thirty-one students gained a Credit, six gained Merit, 12 gained Distinction, and one student gained a High Distinction.

Distinction Top 15% in NZ, Australia, and Pacific region
  •  Amelia Leidig
  •  Meixi Li
  • Tiana Mayo
  • Megan Spring
  • Madeleine Dickie
  • Ella Green
  • Joyce Hu
  • Georgia Taylor
  • Caitlin Ryan
  • Devon Bree
  • Michelle Tiang
  • Emma Fountaine

High Distinction Top 1% in NZ, Australia, and Pacific region
  •  Hazel Fairweather