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Clever Chemists

posted 19 Oct 2015, 20:07 by Debbie Stevens
The annual Australian National Chemistry Quiz attracts 110,000 entries from over 16,000 schools throughout Australia and 17 neighbouring countries and is translated into seven different languages. 

Recently we celebrated the achievements of those Dio girls who were among the top students in Australasia.

High Distinction Excellence

Su A Kim (Year 11) -earned a 100 percentile score!

High Distinction

Caitlin Ryan (Year 10)
Hayley Miller (Year 11)
Alex Medich (Year 11)
Verda Courtney (Year 11)
Chelsea Lin (Year 11)
Katie Garvey (Year 12)
Nikita Lyons (Year 12)
Lydia Tomic (Year 13)
Clare Pemberton (Year 13)


Laura Henderson (Year 10)
Sasha Patil (Year 10)
Grier Gardyne (Year 11)
Devon Bree (Year 11)
Jane Tian (Year 11)
Courtney Anderson (Year 12)
Sarah Adeane (Year 12)
Sarah Van Den Hurk (Year 12)
Shae Creahan (Year 12)
Gina Tynan (Year 13)
Nicole Xue (Year 13)
Hannah Bree (Year 13)