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Junior Prize-Giving 2020

posted 13 Dec 2020, 12:23 by Debbie Stevens

11 December 2020/
All Saints Chapel

Major Awards
Year 9 First in Subjects

Ziyue (Diny) Zhou - 1st in Subject in English and Mathematics
Rosie Phillips - 1st in Subject in Social Studies
Sadie Williams - 1st in Subject in Science
Irene Chun - 1st in Subject in Japanese
Sienna Overwater - 1st in Subject in Physical Education
Emilee Mehrtens - 1st in Subject in French
Sarita Williams - 1st in Subject in Te Reo Maori

Year 9 First in Core Class 

Rosie Phillips - 1st in Core Class - 9C 
Ziyue (Diny) Zhou - 1st in Core Class - 9 R
Irene Chun - 1st in Core Class - 9E
Isabella Hussey - 1st in Core Class - 9D
Emilee Mehrtens - 1st in Core Class - 9I
Josie Brown - 1st in Core Class - 9T

Year 10 First in Subject

Jamie Bidois - 1st in Subject in English
Shelby Bowater - 1st in Subject in Food Technology and Te Reo Maori
Molly Brown - 1st in Subject in Fashion & Design
Catherine Cross - 1st in Subject in French
Sarah Crowther - 1st in Subject in Art, Design & Visual Communication and 
Year 10 - NCEA Level 1 Science
Catherine Curry - 1st in Subject in Drama and Social Studies
Charlotte de Lautour - 1st in Subject in Physical Education & Health
Navleen Kaur Singh - 1st in Subject in Japanese
Lucy O’Meeghan - 1st in Subject in Dance
Ella Perry - 1st in Subject in Digital Design Innovation
Zoe Rive - 1st in Subject in Year 10 - NCEA Level 1 English
Sarah Teale - 1st in Subject in Science
Hayley Williams - 1st in Subject in Financial Literacy
Ellena Wood - 1st in Subject in Music
Junlin (Jolin) Yang - 1st Subject in Mathematics 

Year 10 First in Core Classes

Sarah Crowther - 10C
Caitlin Walters - 10R
Ella Ramsay - 10E
Navleen Kaur Singh - 10D
Isobel Thirtle - 10I
Amiria Douglas - 10T

Year 9 Cups

Isla Robinson - Jolly Cup for Junior Oratory
Rosie Phillips - B & D Rogers Cup - Winner of the Year 9 Creative Writing Competition
Irene Chun - Sampson Cup for Progress in Languages

Year 10 Cups

Breanna Rickman - Year 10 Speech Cup
Ellena Wood - Cowen Cup for Intermediate Essay

Recognition of Achievement

Maia Oback - Te Kura The Correspondence School Certificate for Good Achievement in NCEA Level 2 German

Faith in Action Awards

Shae Ellice - Year 9
Lauren Verryt - Year 10

Major Awards

Year 10 

Fifth Overall - Julia Sharratt
Fourth Overall - Francesca Cullen
Third Overall - Anna Urlich
Proxime Accessit - Sarah Hilton
Dux of Year 10 and Recipient of the Bank of New South Wales Shield - Sarah Crowther

Photos from this event can be viewed and downloaded here.

Dio Prize-Giving 2020

posted 5 Nov 2020, 13:25 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 8 Nov 2020, 12:55 ]

Senior Prize-giving is a time to celebrate, as a community, all those who have aspired to excellence, to celebrate those who have given it their best, to celebrate those who had a go, who persisted, who tried, who stepped outside their comfort zone. So whether you stepped onto the stage for an award or not, we celebrate your commitment, confidence, and of course this year’s value of empathy - to love, to, be to do - in all that you have brought to our learning community this year.

Dux of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls for 2020 - Aliyah Thotathil

Major Academic Awards

First in NCEA Level 1
  • Alice Ankersmit - Geography, Level 2 Geography, Level 2 English - Literature, Level 2 History
  • Jorja Challis - Te Reo Māori 
  • Haopu (Harriet) Chen - Mathematics, Accounting
  • Catherine Cross (Year 10 student) - Lovel Cup for Literature
  • Sarah Gutsell - English
  • Grace Ingram - Sport & Exercise Science
  • Michelle Jeng - Fashion & Design
  • Cooper Jones - French
  • Kellie Lovegrove-Blake - Food Technology
  • Bahaar Mahal - Mathematics, Level 2 Biology
  • Alexis McKinnon - Design & Visual Communication
  • Abbie Moore - History
  • Alexandra Newman-Jacobs - Dance
  • Leah Norvall - Level 2 English - Written & Visual
  • Lara Oertly - Biology
  • Hyelin (Helen) Park - Japanese and the Japanese Cup
  • Brooke Renner - Physichem
  • Zoe Rive (Year 10 student) - Lovel Cup for Literature
  • Cindy Stanford - Drama
  • Hannah Swann - Economics
  • Kewalin (Odet) Thamachat - Art
  • Fidella Wijaya - Level 2 Mathematics
  • Jun (Ally) Zhang - Music

First in NCEA Level 2

  • Panitpicha (Pie) Anonglekha - Design
  • Emelia Beere - Geography and the NZ Geographical Society Trophy
  • Kimberly Blow - Dance
  • Jordana Bremner - Accounting, Physics, Excite Trust Award for NCEA Level 2 Mathematics and Science
  • Breanna Davison - Photography
  • Kayley Donovan - Lorraine Wallace Rosebowl for Progress in Physical Sciences
  • Amiria Douglas (Year 10 student) - Te Reo Māori
  • Harriet Galpin - Drama
  • Annabelle Gordon - Fashion & Design
  • Carol Hu - Food Technology
  • Sophia Kilgour - Classical Studies, Level 3 Biology
  • Rayhee Kim - Clark-Olson Trophy Celebrating Passion for Learning in Classical Studies
  • Lara Lamont - Music 
  • Nicci Lee - Media Studies
  • Grace Lockwood - French
  • Kaia McHardie - Design & Visual Communication
  • Leah Norvall (Year 11 student) - English - Written & Visual
  • Karyse Tomlin - Sport & Exercise Science
  • Fern Ward - Art
  • Fidella Wijaya (Year 11 student) - Mathematics
  • Slainey Wynne - Economics

First in NCEA Level 3

  • Lily Ashenden - English - Literature and the Joan Harris Memorial Trophy
  • Mikaela Blaikie - French
  • Rebecca Clapp - Business Studies
  • Mia Coventry - Sport & Exercise Science and the Waikato Polytechnic Cup
  • Pei-Wan Gong - Accounting and the Ankersmit Cup
  • Danielle Gordon - Calculus
  • Amber Hood - Fashion & Design
  • Satinderjeet (Simar) Janda - Media Studies
  • Natalie Lander - Classical Studies and the Grant Cup, Geography and the Globe Trophy, History and the History Cup, The Julia and Anna Smith Cup for Excellence in the Social Sciences
  • Amelia Leidig - English Literature Cup, Greenslade Family Award - Most Inspiring NCEA Music Performance
  • Isabelle Mellow - Food Technology
  • Renee Miller - Erica Colbert Cup for Progress in Drama
  • Zoe Roskam - Economics, English - Written & Visual, Statistics, The Anderson and Nicholson Mathematics Cup
  • Shaleen Singh-Ark - Design 
  • Laura Shute - Art
  • Gemma Smith - Photography
  • Lucy Thomas - Drama and the Alison Littler Cup for Senior Drama, Music
  • Aliyah Thotathil - Chemistry and the Margaret Peapell Memorial Trophy, Design & Visual Communication, Physics, Broad Cup for Sciences
  • Lucy Turnwald - The Just Kidding Babysitting Award
  • Emma Wood - Dance

Tertiary Scholarships

The Prime Minister's Vocational Excellence Award

Launched in 2019, this Award seeks to celebrate the achievements of secondary students enrolled in vocational programmes, and to celebrate the achievement of students in vocational education.
Chloe Bennyworth

The Lines Company Local Minds Scholarship                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           This scholarship is designed to invest in local King Country students along with the future of the local community                                               Zoe Clapcott

Washington State University Rowing Scholarship

This full four-year scholarship will enable Jessica to study a degree in Business.
Jessica Horrigan

AUT School Leaver Scholarship - Significant Student

This recognises student academic achievement and recognises their potential leadership ability and contribution to the school, community or cultural pursuits or sport at a representative level.
Rain Milne

University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to exceptional students, who have excellent academic achievement and demonstrated leadership potential.
Aliyah Thotahil

University of Auckland Faculty of Business and Economics Entry Level Undergraduate Scholarship

The main purpose of the Scholarship is to support students in their first year of university study and to encourage excellence in the study of subjects in the Faculty of Business and Economics.
Rebecca Clapp

Victoria University of Wellington Tangiwai School Leaver's Scholarship
This scholarship recognises Victoria University of Wellington’s commitment to supporting academically-strong school leavers to study at the University and recognises them as New Zealand's scholars of the future.
Shaleen Singh-Ark

University of Otago Vice Chancellor's Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2015 to celebrate the excellence of students enrolling at the University of Otago.
Amisha Chatrath

University of Otago Performance Entrance Scholarship
Established to encourage excellence in areas of performance including sport, culture, music and the arts. These scholarships are available to academically-able students with demonstrated high-level ability in their chosen area of performance.
Emma Wood

University of Otago Māori Entrance Scholarship                                                                                              Established by the University of Otago in 2005 to celebrate academic excellence and cultural diversity, this scholarship is intended to encourage the progression of Māori into tertiary study.                                                                                                                                                      Kiritangi Heremaia-Flavell 

University of Waikato Ko Te Tangata Scholarship

This scholarship named 'for the people' recognises the University's strong connection and commitment to the schools and communities within Aotearoa/New Zealand
  • Mikaela Blaikie
  • Kyla Brindle 
  • Anastasia Ermakova
  • Lucy Farrell
  • Lara Jones
  • Harman Kaur
  • Natalie Lander
  • Renee Miller
  • Charlotte O'Regan
  • Gemma Smith
  • Jessica Brook-Watt
  • Isabelle Mellow
  • Laura Shute

University of Waikato Te Ara Whānui Scholarship

This scholarship recognises the importance the University of Waikato assigns to fostering, developing and protecting excellence of Māori, and kapa haka, kaupapa Māori, tikanga, reo and mātauranga Māori.
Ngarangi Mason

University of Waikato Te Paewai o Te Rangi Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Excellence

This scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic excellence, leadership potential and community citizenship.
Lucy Thomas

Awarua Trust Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Awarua Trust to provide financial support to people in the pursuit of excellence.
Danielle Gordon

Edna Waddell Undergraduate Scholarship for Women in Technology and Engineering

This scholarship is for young and mature women entering their first year of full-time study in Technology or Engineering
Danielle Gordon

University of Canterbury Hiranga Scholarship

This scholarship recognises and supports top-achieving students.
Danielle Gordon

University of Canterbury Hormoata Scholarship

For emerging leaders demonstrating academic achievement, leadership potential and involvement in the community and/or cultural activities.
Zeta Hittmann

Cultural Awards

Piki Mahuta Essay Competition

Ngarangi Mason

The Tukua/Rakena Award for Maori Leadership                                                                                     

Ngarangi Mason

Marion Slaney International Award

The student who has best promoted international understanding
Ching (Stacey) Chow

Lt Col. John Manchester Allen Prize

The student who has produced the best commemoration-themed speech or essay
Mikaela Blaikie

Service Awards

Services to the Old Girls’ Association

Olivia May

Student Council Cup

A student who has contributed positively and willingly throughout the year
Alaa Ahmend Mahmoud

The Bianca Flintoff Memorial Cup

For commitment to Boarding
Hayley Parker

Peacocke Cup

For Services to Boarding
Samantha Caldwell

Fullerton Smith Cup

For Senior Boarder
Catherine Fincham

Faith in Action

Recognises students who demonstrate academic endeavour in Religious Education and Christian behaviour

  • Year 11 Bailee Houghton
  • Year 12 Hannah Morgan
  • Year 13 Caitlyn Appel

House Awards

Most helpful student to the Head of House
  • Blake         Rachel Major
  • Hillary        Samantha Turnwald
  • Ross          Hazel Fairweather
  • Scott          Jessica Falconer
  • Shackleton Olivia May
  • Wilson        Holly Issac

Major Awards

Arts Laureate

Lucy Thomas

Sportswoman of the Year 

Not awarded in 2020

Jean Anderson Memorial Prize for Service to the Junior School

Samantha Caldwell

Bishop’s Awards

For Contribution and Commitment to the Christian Life of the school
  • Mikaela Blaikie
  • Hazel Fairweather
  • Zeta Hittmann
  • Alexandra Vos
  • Lucy Thomas
  • Gemma Smith

Red Girdle Awards

For a student best reflecting the qualities desirable in a Dio student
  • Lily Ashenden
  • Ching (Stacey) Chow
  • Zoe Clapcott
  • Hazel Fairweather
  • Zeta Hittmann
  • Ngarangi Mason
  • Emma Ngawhika
  • Shaleen Singh-Ark
  • Lucy Thomas
  • Lucy Vellenoweth

Special Awards

Principal’s Service Awards 

For Exemplary Citizenship
  • Eleanor Barton
  • Emma Barton
  • Jessica Falconer
  • Lucy Farrell
  • Maddison Hartley
  • Jessica Horrigan
  • Rachel Major
  • Olivia May

Larner Cup for Outstanding Leadership

  • Rachel Major
  • Zoe Clapcott

Nekar Cup for Leading House

Ross House

Cherrington Staff Fellowship Award

Amy Jansen-Leen

Fifth Overall

Natalie Lander

Fourth Overall

Zoe Roskam

Third Overall

Mikaela Blaikie

Proxime Accessit

Danielle Gordon

Dux of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Aliyah Thotathil

Photos can be viewed by clicking here.

Raffle Draw... and the winners are

posted 24 Sept 2020, 19:36 by Debbie Stevens

The Waikato Diocesan School Association 'Ultimate Raffle Experience 2020' has been drawn under Police supervision. Thank you to all our students, parents, staff and wider community that supported this fundraiser.

And the winners are ...

1st Prize - Carla Hood - Ticket 0957.  Ticket sold by Briana van der Gulik - Huka Lodge Weekend valued at $4000.

2nd Prize - Peter Madden - Ticket 0821.  Ticket sold by Emily Gilchrist - Palate Dégustation Dinner for Six.

3rd Prize - Renee Krugar - Ticket 0224 (Dio Mum) - Meal for 10 catered by Dio Chef, Brad.

Winter Issue of Noise Magazine, Now Online

posted 2 Jul 2020, 17:03 by Debbie Stevens

We are proud to bring you the latest issue of the Noise student magazine. Thank you to everyone who submitted work.
We will be announcing the winners of our writing competition next term.

We hope you all have a wonderful holiday 💕

The Noise Committee

Prevention is Best

posted 16 Mar 2020, 21:50 by Debbie Stevens

Dio Open Day - Friday 13 March

posted 5 Mar 2020, 11:55 by Debbie Stevens

Waikato Dio Students Amongst New Zealand’s Best

posted 11 Feb 2020, 17:42 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 11 Feb 2020, 20:29 ]

Tiana Mayo and Joyce Hu

Former Waikato Diocesan School for Girls’ students Tiana Mayo and Joyce Hu are two of just 12 Premier Scholars named nationwide following the release of the NZQA Scholarship results last week. The awards recognise secondary school academic achievement of the highest order.

New Zealand Scholarship examinations test students against demanding standards and are challenging for even the highest achieving students. Between them, Tiana and Joyce were awarded 13 Scholarships including six outstanding. 

Dio’s 2019 Dux Tiana Mayo (Year 12) achieved Scholarship in Biology (outstanding), Economics (outstanding), History (outstanding), Chemistry, English, and Statistics.

Proxime Accessit and 2019 Head of Academics Joyce Hu (Year 13) achieved Scholarship in Biology (outstanding) History (outstanding), English (outstanding), Classical Studies, Geography, Health & Physical Education, and Statistics.

Both students also sat exams in 2018 while in Years 11 and 12 (respectively) - amassing a total of 18 scholarships between them.

In 2019, Tiana received the University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship, University of Waikato Te Paewai o te Rangi Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement, and the University of Otago Dux Scholarship.  She is enrolled to study Computing at Waikato University.

Joyce was awarded a University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship, and a University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship. She is enrolled at Auckland University studying Biomedical Science.

Both students are talented orators and were heavily involved in debating throughout their secondary schooling. In 2019, Joyce was part of the team that won the Waikato Regional Debating Tournament and the Senior Premier Grade. She was also named as a reserve in the Regional Debating Team while Tiana was awarded Most Promising Debater. 

Joyce was also a finalist in the New Zealand Secondary School Law Mooting Competition and, in addition, was a member of the Dio team that won the New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Competition in 2019.

Waikato Diocesan is the only school in the Waikato to receive the honours this year and the Dio community is suitably proud. 

“These results are indicative of committed students receiving outstanding support both at school and at home, working within an inspiring and encouraging culture,” says Principal, Mary Curran.

Tiana and Joyce will be celebrated at the annual Top Scholars Awards Ceremony hosted at Parliament later this year.

Congratulations to all our 2019 Scholarship recipients. Waikato Diocesan students achieved 34 scholarships over 12 subjects, including seven Outstanding Scholarships.

Senior Prize-giving 2019

posted 24 Nov 2019, 18:11 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 25 Nov 2019, 12:16 ]

Dux 2019, Tiana Mayo

Major Academic Awards

Year 11: First in NCEA Level 1

• Jaime Hayvice - Accounting
• OhnBee Han - Art
• Rebecca Wallace - Biology
• Kimberly Blow - Dance
• Kaia McHardie - Design and Visual Communication
• Harriet Galpin - Drama
• Slainey Wynne - Economics and Geography
• Rayhee Kim - English
• Karyse Tomlin - Fashion and Design
• Carol Hu - Food Technology and PhysiChem
• Jordana Bremner - French and Mathematics
• Sophia Kilgour - History and Level 2 Biology
• Alice Ankersmit - Lovel Cup for Literature (Alice is a Year 10 student)
• Tina Jiang - Music
• Lucy Miller - Sport and Exercise Science
• Amiria Douglas - Te Reo Māori (Amiria is a Year 9 student)

Year 12: First in NCEA Level 2

• Pei-Wan Gong - Accounting
• Poppy Brown - Art
• Danielle Gordon - Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Excite Trust Award for Mathematics and Science
• Maia Armistead - Classical Studies and Music
• Jiorgia Newman-Jacobs - Dance
• Shaleen Singh-Ark - Design and Te Reo Māori
• Aliyah Thotathil - Design and Visual Communication, L3 Biology, L3 English - Literature, and the Joan Harris Memorial Trophy
• Amelia Leidig - Drama
• Nicci Lee - Economics (Nicci is a Year 11 student)
• Caitlin Sharratt - English - Literature (Caitlin is a Year 11 student)
• Harman Kaur - English - Written and Visual
• Greta Glover - Fashion and Design
• Caitlyn Parrott - Food Technology
• Mikaela Blaikie - French and History
• Lara Jones - Geography and the NZ Geographical Society Trophy
• Ngarangi Mason - Greenslade Family Award - Most Inspiring NCEA Music Performance
• Jessica Falconer - Lorraine Wallace Rosebowl for Progress in Physical Sciences
• Gemma Smith - Media Studies
• Isabelle Groves - Photography
• Jessica Horrigan - Sport and Exercise Science

Year 13: First in NCEA Level 3

• Saneng Taing - Accounting and the Ankersmit Cup
• Ella Green - Art
• Anna Wilson - Broad Cup for Sciences and Physics
• Jessica Vergeest - Business Studies
• Keely Bowler - Calculus
• Joyce Hu - Chemistry and The Margaret Peapell Memorial Trophy, Geography and the Globe Trophy and Statistics
• Alison Brown - Clark-Olson Trophy Celebrating Passion for Learning in Classical Studies
• Harper Smith - Classical Studies and the Grant Cup and The Julia and Anna Smith Cup for Excellence in the Social Sciences
• Madeline Peach - Dance
• Elizabeth Chan - Design
• Caitlin Evison - Design and Visual Communication
• Kate Chibnall - Drama and the Alison Littler Cup for Senior Drama, Media Studies and Music
• Tiana Mayo - Economics, History and the History Cup and The Anderson and Nicholson Mathematics Cup (Tiana is a Year 12 student)
• Ruby Lewin - English - Written and Visual and Food Technology
• Maia Armistead - English Literature Cup (Maia is a Year 12 student)
• Josie Coombes - Erica Colbert Cup for Progress in Drama
• Kate Seager - Fashion and Design and Photography
• Emma McKay - French 1st =
• Talia Nicol - French 1st =
• Ella Chibnall - Sport and Exercise Science and The Waikato Polytechnic Cup
• Mikaela Blaikie - The Senior Languages Cup  (Mikaela is a Year 12 student)
• Saneng Taing - Accounting and the Ankersmit Cup.


New Zealand School of Tourism Student of the Year
• Stella Bell

The Prime Ministers Vocational Excellence Award
• Ruby Lewin

The David Johnstone Charitable Trust Scholarship
• Sophie Mansill

University of Canterbury School of Forestry High Achievers Award
• Lucy Boucher

University of Canterbury Emerging Leaders Scholarship
• Caitlin Evison

Lincoln University Netball Scholarship
• Sophie Reeves

University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
• Talia Nicol
• Harper Smith

University of Otago Performance Entrance Scholarship
• Holly Mills
• Olivia Fellows-Ford
• Kate Monkley

University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
• Ella Chibnall
• Emily Rich

University of Waikato Ko Te Tangata Scholarship
• Scarlett Brooker
• Jessica Butterworth
• Alice Fromont
• Charli Herbert
• Teri MacDonald
• Charlotte Pyke
• Jessica Vergeest

University of Waikato Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship
• Sarah Miller
• Anna Wilson

University of Canterbury Emerging Leaders Scholarship
University of Waikato Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship
• Rosie Bedford

University of Waikato Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship
University of Otago Performance Entrance Scholarship
• Georgina Harris

University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
• Emma McKay

University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Waikato Te Paewai o te Rangi Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement
University of Otago Dux Scholarship
• Tiana Mayo

University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship
• Joyce Hu

University of Auckland Māori Academic Excellence Scholarship
University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
• Keely Bowler

University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship
Te Paewai o te Rangi University of Waikato Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement
Auckland University of Technology Academic Excellence Scholarship
Victoria University of Wellington School Leavers Scholarship for Excellence
• Elizabeth Chan

University of Otago New Frontiers Scholarship

 • Sarah Martin

Cultural Awards

Piki Mahuta Essay Competition

• Holly Mills

Marion Slaney International Award The student who has promoted international understanding
• Hyewon Kim

Lt Col. John Manchester Allen Prize for the student who has produced the best commemoration-themed speech or essay
• Tiana Mayo

Service Awards

Student Council Cup - A student who has contributed positively and willingly throughout the year
• Sofia Kent

The Tukua/Rakena Award for Māori Leadership
• Olivia Holten

The Bianca Flintoff Memorial Cup For commitment to Boarding
• Samantha Caldwell

Peacocke Cup for Services to Boarding
• Hannah Wallbank

Fullerton Smith Cup For Senior Boarder
• Nicole Rogers

Most Helpful Girl to the Head Prefect
• Emily Rich

Faith in Action Award

This award recognises students who demonstrate academic endeavour in Religious Education and Christian Behaviour

• Year 11 - Holly Astwood
• Year 12 - Rachel Major
• Year 13 - Emma McKay

House Awards

Most Helpful Girl to the Head of House

• Blake - Saskia Johns
• Hillary - Madeline Peach
• Ross - Fyfe Nicholson
• Scott - Olivia Fellows-Ford
• Shackleton - Paige Landon
• Wilson - Sasha Matuschka

Major Awards

Arts Laureate

• Kate Seager

Sportswoman of the Year

• Gina McCarthy

Jean Anderson Memorial Prize for Service to the Junior School

• Olivia McLennan

Bishop’s Awards - for Contribution and Commitment to the Christian Life of the School

• Teri MacDonald
• Jasmine Singh-Ark

Red Girdle Awards - for a student best reflecting the qualities desirable in a Dio Girl

• Lucy Boucher
• Olivia Holten
• Teri MacDonald
• Olivia McLennan
• Holly Mills
• Emily Rich
• Kate Seager
• Anna Wilson

Special Awards

Principal’s Service Award for Exemplary Citizenship

• Jessica Foster
• Charli Herbert
• Paige Landon
• Charlotte Russell

Larner Cup for Outstanding Leadership

• Holly Mills

Neckar Cup for Leading House

• Ross

Cherrington Staff Fellowship Award

• Jacqueline Smith

Fifth Overall

• Keely Bowler

Fourth Overall

• Harper Smith

Third Overall

• Anna Wilson

Proxime Accessit

• Joyce Hu

Dux of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls

Tiana Mayo (Tiana is a Year 12 student)

Winter/Spring Noise issue now online

posted 23 Sept 2019, 13:09 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 23 Sept 2019, 13:10 ]

Noise is Dio's very own student-edited magazine. Any student in the school can submit copy, with one issue compiled each term. 
In this winter/spring issue of Noise, there are loads of goodies to read. Make sure you check out the Happy Human section!

Dio Reunion Day

posted 18 Sept 2019, 20:10 by Debbie Stevens   [ updated 10 Nov 2019, 10:41 ]

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