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What will learning for my daughter look like now that the school is closed?

*Please note: the information below will be applied for students' online learning from Wednesday 15 April until further notice

If Dio is closed for any length of time, the expectation is that your daughter will continue with her learning online. She will need to have access to an internet connection and an appropriate device (e.g. laptop, Chromebook or desktop computer). Using a smartphone is not considered to be a suitable device for effective distance learning. The learning will mainly be conducted using Google Classroom, Google Hangouts and Google Meet as the primary modes of delivery, although teachers may well use other technological approaches as well, including instructional videos. However, the first port of call for learning instructions will always be Google Classroom, and we encourage students to check their school emails regularly too.

If, for some reason, internet access is a problem for your daughter, her teachers will do their very best to provide hard copy and alternative materials where possible, but this will have an impact on your daughter’s ability to keep up with set work, especially if we are closed for an extended period of time. We also can not guarantee that postal services will be reliable. Please also be aware that, for some learning areas, and particularly in practical subjects, there are also limitations to the types of activities that will support meaningful distance learning, depending on the subject area.

It is really important that your daughter completes all work set by the teachers, and that she meets all deadlines. To ensure some continuity of learning, teachers will be following the normal school timetable as much as possible, unless stated otherwise, and we strongly encourage your daughter to do the same. If for some reason she is unable to join a lesson at the timetabled time (e.g. she, or the teacher, has to babysit young children in the home), the learning materials will still be available for your daughter to access in her own time, but she may not be able to access the immediate teacher support that goes with it. In saying that, teachers will be available, via email, during normal working hours, to answer any questions.

Your daughter’s wellbeing is also very important, and we are aware of the health risks associated with too much screen time. Given that much of the learning will be conducted via your daughter’s device, we ask that you encourage her to have regular screen breaks (which includes her phone), to get up in between lessons to stretch and move, and to maintain a personal exercise regime. Having a good study space with a desk, good lighting, an external keyboard and mouse, and a screen at eye level where possible, is also recommended for long periods of study.

Below you will find our Distance Learning Guide for Students document that gives your daughters detailed instructions to ensure that they are able to maximise their learning experience at home. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding any of the following, please make contact with the appropriate person via email, between the hours of 8.30am - 3.30pm, Monday to Friday:
  • ICT Tech Support: Director of ICT, Mr Barnaby James, / phone (07) 8552038 ext 2780
  • Specific subject matters (depending on the nature of your query): Your daughter’s teacher, the Teacher in Charge of the Subject, or the Head of Department for that specific learning area. Contact details can be found on the Staff List on the school website.
  • Broader curriculum matters: Deputy Principal - Leader of Learning, Mrs Julie Bain,
Debbie Stevens,
23 Mar 2020, 19:03