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What is the Boarding House doing in response to COVID-19?

Please note: the Boarding House is currently closed until further notice. When it reopens, the following measures will continue until the COVID-19 risk has been eliminated.

We have implemented additional measures in Boarding to ensure that we comply with the recommendations from the Ministry of Health. These measures include the following:
  • Having two dinner sittings to ensure that there are fewer than 100 students in the dining room at all times.
  • Meals are being served to students rather than a self-serve approach, to reduce the handling of serving utensils.
  • Cutlery is being put directly onto tables rather than students collecting their own.
  • ‘Grab and Go’ lunches are available each day to reduce the number of students indoors.
  • Checking of regular washing of hands/sanitising before and after eating.
  • Information about good hygiene practices and Coronavirus is displayed in and around the boarding houses.
  • Sanitisers/antiseptic wipes are made available, where possible.
  • Unwell students are asked to stay home.
  • All Boarding Chapels and events have been cancelled.
  • All temporary boarding placements have been put on hold.
  • Social distancing of 1.5 - 2 metres is implemented (where possible) and encouraged.
  • Regular cleaning of all communal areas.
  • After school leave has been restricted or cancelled to avoid untraceable contact (i.e. Chartwell Mall, city leave)
All visitors into the boarding houses are being logged with contact information collected (with those who have travelled or who are sick to remain outside the buildings).

Parents should drop off students to boarding and depart without coming into the boarding house, where possible.

If you have any questions regarding boarding, please contact the Dean of Boarding, Mrs Toni Solomon