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How will assessments be managed if my daughter needs to stay at home?

When students are required to, or choose to, self-isolate or stay at home, teachers will be guided by recommendations from NZQA and these guidelines will apply to assessments for all year levels. They include:
  • Using other forms of evidence to substantiate the impact on a student. For example, if a doctor’s certificate is not available and the school administration tells the students to go home, this could be classed as evidence.
  • Establishing whether the student needs the assessment opportunity to maintain their qualifications pathway.
  • Rescheduling the assessment date or assessing them on their return to school.
Teachers will continue to ensure the authenticity of student work if they are required to complete assessments at home. However, we ask that you support the authenticity of all work by ensuring that your daughter does not access any help from any other person in your household or beyond, other than from her teacher; her work must be her own. Methods that teachers will use to ensure authenticity include:
  • Verbally questioning students on their answers when they return to school to confirm it is their work.
  • Checking drafts and ensuring milestones are met.
  • Checking Google Doc revisions.
  • Using a tool like Turnitin to identify plagiarism.
  • Providing students with a different assessment task or context.
NOTE: If students are sick, they are required to stay at home. If this is the case, students are no longer required to provide a medical certificate as evidence of illness, in order to submit assessments or to be provided with ‘catch-up’ time for missed lessons in order to complete the assessments.